Early Access version 59.3

I didn’t stutter


Whatever. I’m done with this anyway. You want a video or something? I can’t record a good video it might lack the game. You saw my last video.

Yes, it does.
It’s this one.
Any my in-game callsign is the same as on forums.


After this error total crah observed.

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is this problem present in all people? I have never encountered a problem like this in V59.3

I’ve made some changes that might solve this. Please try it again in v.60 :medal_sports: Bug

Thanks, this piece of information is actually super useful :medal_sports: Bug


This means that your GPU crashed, and it was “removed” (restarted) by Windows. It could be a driver issue (theoretically, the game could send invalid commands to the GPU and cause it to crash, but if that were the case, more people would be having problems.)


Some weird happen. If CI2 theme played during a stage it plays during the boss too. Although I didn’t select any music in slots. I don’t know if this happens to other themes or not.

Also I always play with Bombers. I suggest mirrored variations to “Swimming in Space, Do the Backstroke & Invader Crossing” waves since Swimming in Space always start from left & Do the Backstroke always start from right so with Bombers it’ll be easy to earn Early Bird bonus.

I know some people are against this especially Ramon&OneWing, so can you guys not reply this time saying “too nitpicky” or “not needed” or something you said before.


this is completely unnecessary

Did you bother to read the blurred text or you just wanted to annoy me?

Did you bother listening other player’s point?

Wasn’t it you who suggested mirroring “Satellite Fly-by” wave? I don’t remember most of them but this one is not moving almost at all and is already symmetrical. And even if those waves you was talking about above are not symmetrical, it still shouldn’t have the only reason to be mirrored called “bomber”. You can kill half of the game actually because of bomber like U.C.O which moves faster than weekend or pulsating grid which doesn’t let you move at all if you have bomber and high difficulty.


He always said that. That’s why I added this blurred text. Plus iA sometimes accept little tweaks like that one who knows. Would’nt you get tired if the same user always replied to you saying the same sentence? He should stop that because it’s annoying. Just like how annoying liking old post is to you guys. And don’t say:

It’s Ramon’s point because he’s the only user who replies to me. He always said “unnecessary” or “not worth it” only. At least OneWing actually explains why this should get added and why this shouldn’t.

There maybe true but some got accepted like “Fenced In”.

There’s Darkness too.

Yeah, I knew recently that there’re that powerful.

I don’t understand that part.

You know if it got enemies like Egg Ships then small ships are better. You could be forced to use special weapons too.

The fact that I said the same line because it’s too easy to understand why is it unnecessary

Even if you warned

Whatever, RNY. I thought you’re an expert of anything unnecessary like it said on your profile.

Wonder what’s link between me profile and me criticism

So you lied by saying that.

Always has been

Wait you mean my profile or my speech?

Idk, this:



Always has been.


Don’t waste your time on people who won’t change. I figured I’d do the same thing as well.

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