Early Access version 53

Every 5 waves


I think comets should not be oneshot by B3 Vulcan. A weapon may excel in certain situation, but not overkill it like it was nothing.

10% for each in every difficulty, I think it’s enough. How about add darkness too?

Not possible, environments are per-mission, not per-wave. I meant “every how many days”. And also, what is the probability of each environment? Should they all be equally probable?

There are only 3: easy/intermediate/hard.

Sorry for misunderstanding, I thought you meant every how many days, but anyways, I mean every 3 days.


On hard.

Is there any chance in the futur updates to get sometime black feathers on feathers fields mission ?

already suggested:

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50% would be on normal environment, the other 50% is divided among special environment in opposite of their lucrative boost (weighted).

Speaking of which: Can Attractors be disabled for daily/weekly? Because they increase your reach for food, which are worth 3 times the amount ever since the change. You shouldn’t be relying on them to win.


The way to make challenges could be (almost) perfectly balanced, as all things should be is by predetermining exactly the same equipments & the amount of them for all players. Thus, player just have to play, no complain.


Good idea!
My vote would be BX-9, Moron :zap:0, no equipment.

Although the way to make it perfectly balanced would be to have pre-defined ſhip movements and egg drops.

Bruh. Randomized equipment common to everyone isn’t the end of competition. Although the balance stuff in the game is being taken too far, you know, apart from actually adding stuff.

Not really. Coming up with a suitable slot layout for each mission is part of the game. That’s why slots are limited – so there are trade-offs.

Any particular combination that confers an advantage is freely available to all players, so the playing field still remains even.


This is for Satellites: Is it possible to make it so that you can replace your partially consumed satellite with a floating full ammo satellite if you move over it with that satellite? It has to be the same type of satellite though.

Like, so you don’t have to blast it all away and then end up wasting your time because the full ammo satellite has already vanished.

Can you also add a warning for Comet Chase missions? Have it display this at the bottom of the screen for the first wave:
“Tip: An omnidirectional weapon is strongly recommended.”


Here’s a potential in-game effect for Frozen Wastelands:

There are random snowballs (density will range from 20% of asteroids wave in 0% difficulty to 75% of asteroids in 140% difficulty) which will slow down your ship to the point of a normal BX-9 and reduce the power of all fire type weapons by 25% (eg, Ion Blaster, Vulcan Chaingun, Laser Cannon, etc)
In return, it will cool down your weapons down all the way but the effect will last for 3-7 seconds depending on difficulty.

As always, the numbers are adjustable if you want, and may the forks be with you all!


Does anyone think about the droids raid mission to have their own music theme just like darkness and retro invaders mission ?

I don’t know, droid raid&retro invaders have the same music since CI4 and Darkness is a new mode that is only in CIU.

Darkness doesnt even have a real theme, I like the current sound but its just 23-4 seconds and adds almost nothing to the mission. I expected more.

What if the satellites are more likely to get out of an alien container with less ammunition as the difficulty increases.

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@InterAction_studios how about making taking out an equipment from a slot by right-clicking the mouse

That was already suggested, here and here
Even if it was already suggested, i still like it.

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