Some Quality of Life suggestions

I’ve been playing this game for a while and I think I might have some quality of life which might make the game feel better.

  1. To be able to right-click on slots to deselect them.
    Reason: Pretty sure I’m not the only one that tried this, only to find that I can only deselect them just by double click them.

  2. To be able to fill multiple slots with the same stackable rather than selecting individually every slot and fill it.
    Reason: It gets annoying to select every slot and to put the same item again and again. It would be very useful to just select the stackable then just click on the slots rather than the opposite.

  3. SFX for the chickens, and projectiles to be in different sound categories rather than all in the same one.
    Reason: Some times when there are a lot of chicks and chickens the sounds of projectiles get overwritten by them.

  4. The in-real time to be included in the game, either near the right top corner or down right corner.
    Reason: I consider this to be useful, especially during long missions.

  5. The option to remove feathers and other objects that are just aesthetic.
    Reason: When the screen is full of chickens, projectiles and so on, I often find myself trying to dodge the feathers when the chickens are too close to me.

  6. The option to retry a mission.
    Reason: When I fail a mission I wish I would be able to just retry when pressing Esc, rather than just abandoning it or disconnecting.

  7. FPS limiter to be increased to 240.
    Reason: There is the possibility of players using a 240hz monitor but being limited to 125 fps which might cause tearing and stuff like that without v-sync ( which causes input-lag ) or G-sync or Freesync.

  8. To be able to see which planets still have missions not done. Something similar to explored planets.
    Reason: Every time I go to a new planet or star system I try to complete every single mission but sometimes I forget which planets are the ones I’ve done and the To-do list gets full eventually.

  9. To be able to filter different types of planets such as electric, supernova etc.
    Reason: I would love to explore more electric type planets, but I can only find them while exploring a new star system, can’t find them automatically by a filter, I have to find them manually by searching over and over.

I have some more suggestions but those do not enter this topic of QoL, so I’ll continue playing and accumulate more ideas that would be considered useful or at least interesting.

Thanks for your time.


Many of theſe have already been ſuggeſted by different people, but IA haſn’t gotten around to implementing/fixing them yet.

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Oh… Sorry for repeating them then. Will try to be more careful and look through more topics next time.

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