Two ideas for"Feather fields" waves

1.Dark feathers wave:
What is problem if in some wave feathers are dark(like Henterprise’s feathers).
2.lightnings(This idea is ONLY for hot waves):
In my opinion it’s better if lightning was beams like this:

and thiar sound effect is this(henterprise’s cannon):


Nice! I’d say some red asteroid from random directions not bottom could appear during the mission too.

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It won’t because remember when IA deleted that feature?!

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This is good too.

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So it can have other sounds.

  1. I mentioned this earlier. :wink:
  2. I like it.
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Was it this one? Early Access version 53

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Then there was another similar post.

Of course I said henterprise feathers idea before feather field added in “Somethings have to canghe” topic.

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