Early Access version 53

How about adding a pitch to the Feather Brain’s cluck? In CI4 Easter, it had this high pitch and honestly it’d just sound better, imo.

Its already implemented for the next versionimage

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Good to know. My eyesight ain’t that good no more :stuck_out_tongue:

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No problem, it happens to anyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I do admit I’m wrong there. It’s almost had no difference when firing alone. It’s only noticeable when enemies are actually damaged (w/ damage indicator on).

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@InterAction_studios The healthbars in alien mothership parts are useful, why did you remove them

Also why the “overheat” text zooms to 300% after when I destory supernova and screen zooms in to 100%


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I have a request, can ICBM be able to eliminate feathers the same way as bombs does? One thing is that both have the same explosion sprites.

Also, is the trajectory of loose satellites really limited to ±45 degrees? It seems not (even half of it) and I actually lose two of them on this mission.


Can these barriers be indestructible? Some of the weapons can’t reach it, and other than giving points, they don’t do much

They can be destroyed with utensil poker or photon



Because they’re considered parts of the same big boss, and single bosses do not have HUD health bars.

All HUD text does that. For performance reasons I don’t scale it continuously.

Sure. Changed in v.54 :medal_sports: Idea

Only on waves where you’re restricted to horizontal movement.


Yes, this is on squack block mission.

Ah, right. The ±45 thing mistakenly only applies when the Satellite first spawns. It should also apply when it detaches from you when you die.

Fixed in v.54 :medal_sports: Bug


Hey iA, I’d like to re-propose Pritish’s idea, that should let Absolver destroy the feathers when full charged.


That’s a nice idea, but it would require changing the weapon’s damage type conditionally, and that’s not currently supported in the engine.

I forgot to put this in the changelog, but in v.53 the Absolver can push feathers 3x more easily. This can be increased further to 4x, 5x, etc. if you think it needs more stopping power.


5x should be more than enough, really.

Can we do this for Plasma as well?

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Yeah, I noticed that it was stronger with the feathers, that works.

We could, but… How good is Plasma nowadays? If it’s the go-to weapon of choice, perhaps it’s worth leaving it vulnerable against feathers to compensate for its other advantages.

For beam weapons, stopping power depends on the firing interval, and Plasma has the slowest one (Lightning is almost as slow, but at least you get 2 beams which double the effectiveness). For projectile weapons, it only depends on the number of projectiles.


Well, I think letting Plasma at least stand a chance against feathers would at least be right. Getting walled by feathers because you couldn’t push them in time would not be good

When we go to the Feather Brain boss wave, the main background music should not be interrupted like that. If you do not want it to be interrupted please change Bossa Nova as well