Early Access version 52

if anybody wants to see the new waves (stupid ok?) then go to here:

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Yeah, i Will go when you tell the location

What’s stupid?

Waves aside, Were just here to report the bugs/adding contents for ciu

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I think that bosses like ‘‘Brothers Reunited’’ ‘‘Show em who’s the boss’’ (More than 2 chickens) ‘‘Chicken Multiplicity’’ (Bosses) and Twice Infinity should have Health Bars…

Already suggested


Today i found The wave “Cloudy with chance of eggs”, with slobs and pilots, but the slobs behave weirder, the behavior is similar to this bug report:Poſſible bug with "ſlob" breed on Chick Gatling Gun

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Does anyone find Chickenaut’s laser hiding behind toxic cloud annoying?

I got “Over the rainbow” with pilot chicken. There’s no rainbow at all.

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Hmmmm… Seems like there’s typos in the Weapon Training mission description.

Commmitment and Ord(i)nance.

No need for a medal.

Yeah, no need for medal. But it was decided by IA so you don’t need to write that.

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I didn’t realize Weapon Training is in my inbox lol

Should there be a “weekly” version of Weapon Training? (a 100 wave version)

Also, bosses don’t drop any firepower during weapon training if their drop is going to be a gift box.
And remove weapon virtuosity for this mission, since it’s going to be switched around anyway.


In the name of consistency, every enemy displays a HUD life bar.


Fixed in v.53 :medal_sports: Bug

What would that do?

If you take too long, they’ll leave the screen

Intended. It’s your choice to forego the food.

Fixed in v.53 :medal_sports: Bug

Enemies can enter from any edge of the screen, so a safe zone is cleaner than 8-9 danger zones all around. A safe zone only means that it’s safe to start the wave there, it doesn’t mean you can spend the whole wave on it.

Fixed in v.53 :medal_sports: Bug

Already fixed. See above.

That’s how it originally was, but every position I tried would obstruct firing to either the gatling or the enemies. I’ll just reduce the safe zone instead. Changed in v.53 :medal_sports: Bug

Fixed. Ordnance is correct Ordnance Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster


Well, everyone should get exactly the same bonus, so I don’t see a reason for removing it.

I don’t know. Should there?

Will fix later. Had a look and the fix is not worth it. :confused:


That would make the game use windows cursor when it’s not turned on, and use in game cursor when it’s turned on. is it possible to add this option?

Fixed in v.53 :medal_sports: Bug


Possible, yes. But hardly worth it.


I don’t know exactly how auto-locking weapons would react at this zoom level (I assume that’s the main concern here), but it doesn’t look to me like this would be an issue?

Unless the problem comes with moving enemies such as cowards, but I’m pretty sure you could lure them into a position where they can be hit.


@InterAction_studios I already reported that on post 25, It’s just that @trueuser cropped my image by accident [i’m so sorry for not explaining it well] (about removing life bar, my pic about the life bar and the particle hiding it, even shows that):

Can you change the Chick Loop into Chicken Loop at higher difficulty?

And is it necessary to change from “portals” to “portal”?

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Actually, it’s not. The main concern is how thin forward-firing weapons can circumvent barriers (e.g. Boron level 0).

It does, but cowards surprisingly are not the problem here because they move so much. The problem lies with enemies that slightly avoid your line-of-sight (which makes them hide behind barriers).

Ok, changed.


Rebooting server to recover a lost profile. Done.