Early Access version 62

what about chl logo in here?

No. That is just pointless.


I miss the ssh weekly

You are REALLY trying to get that medal huh

I have a small suggestion
Why not add a new option called ‘‘in-game cursor’’ if you turn off that option, the in-game arrow become a normal arrow


Already suggested it loooong time ago:

And here’s IA’s answer:


Because that would alienate most “regular” users. There is already a hard weekly challenge for more advanced players: it’s called Ironman.

Not necessary. The CHL only affects buying, not owning.


I was thinking about dumping a 100% - 100% SSH weekly challenge Aka Weekly Challenge: Elite for CHL’d players but that’s kinda coughs unoriginal

since now chick gatling gun throws out chicks when it explodes why wouldn’t UCO throw out this guy
or just normal chicken


@InterAction_studios is it possible to show the count of items like Coolant Canisters while flying a mission?

Also is it intended that at long callsigns the CHL badge gets thinner:

How about when the player cancel the mission in the first wave the game takes him to the mission config screen instead of to the main map?

Could Droid/Shady Dealers’ names be showed when clicking image button?

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smoke in space

But what is the purpose of this post here? do you want IA to fix it or something?

Uh, wrong topic buddy.

Don’t worry, there’s gravity in space too.

It’s kinda intended. Same happened with Laser Cannon, which Mohammad reported in before.

How About Droid Raid New Boss

Oh That’s My Ship!!!

You mean callsign? Because I didn’t add any ship in that post.

I looked at the texture of the spacecraft and it’s kinda hard to make it.

And you can’t make a spacecraft completely white sadly.

Don’t beg/demand because if you do, it’ll never come