Early Access version 114

I think the words “Safe zone” and “Danger zone” are fixed at the center of the circles, but a possible solution is using a different pattern for the circles, like dots (. . . .) instead of - - - -.

Sadly, iA declined

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Idea: in double team, the music should be a random selection of boss themes for each mission instead of CIU title theme for all.


Okay, this probally my last idea for the next version.

After all 4 music is out, can you make the current CIU boss music for Dr. Beaker only? CIU boss music will replaced by the new “Hugo the Great” boss music.

This one is probally will be unfair since it’s depend on weapon you used.

What option is better for “Weapon virtuosity” bonus?
  • Disable on competitve mission
  • Remove it
  • Keep it as current

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Can we have a custom cursor option?

Use normal In-game cursor when enable


Satellites equipped appear already in place instead of coming with the ship at the start of a mission. Is it worth fixing?

I agree with you, but I don’t think the bonus should be disabled in competitive missions, it should be reworked.

Weapon virtuosity should be a bonus that increases every time the player switches their weapon with a different one and not a fixed amount given by playing with the same weapons


Remove or Disabling it in Competitive would mean that on the particular case of Boss Rushes that have no multikills, it would be possible for players to share the exact score. Which benefits nobody.

I’d rather say keep it the same for now, I don’t know any way of reworking it. The only thing I’d like to have removed is “Unoriginality Penalty”. That one imo, is just pretty useless. So what if I want to replay a mission a million times?

By the way, can we get “I’ll be back!” boss to the boss rushes? Or on dares? I don’t know if it has been suggested before.

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No, because this boss is secret

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Comet color in environment back to normal
  • Yes,we need comet color back to normal
  • No,this is fine

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Who agree comet color back to normal(no medal here)

Why would you rather see the comet color back to normal?

May I know the reason of this change? it’s excellent.

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so since the idea was denied let’s make a poll
shoud the Spawn spinner have an anomally zone?

  • Yes!!!
  • no

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iA ,can you add Chinese Food as a cuisine ?

This isn’t CHINA

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Listen to this, Because continously doing it might get you in a bad spot later

Do not continously tell IA to check your topics. it is not gonna help. it would be wise to leave IA check the topic whenever he wants, he has a life ya know. and he might have checked your topic but that doesn’t mean he will always leave a reply, and if you ask what time you should remind him to check your topic. I would say right after he leaves a reply here.

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That’s not technically possible unless you tentatively connect to each host in turn (which I don’t want to do)

Fixed in v.115 :medal_sports: Bug

Not easily, so no.

Acknowledged, but this can’t be easily fixed. Added to known bugs list.

The engine has no concept of double-clicking, and I’m not about to retrofit it as it would break a lot of things. Shift-clicking might work, but I think drag-dropping alleviates 90% of the hassle, so no.

So you die once. Then you know. Problem solved.

I would, but do you really not know which screen you’re looking at?

Completing a mission might potentially change a lot of UI (it would certainly change the Missions screen), and I’d rather not deal with all the edge cases of stale information. The same thing happens when you visit the “purchase” screen.

The Chill zone only prevents heat from being generated when firing. It does not cool down anything.

This is intended.

Safe zones are never on the very edge or mostly lying outside of the screen.

Yes, that’s the plan.

“Hugo” has been converted into a wave track, but this will happen, generally speaking.

I know it looks odd, but it simplifies the implementation significantly, so I won’t fix it.

Interesting. Poll it.

A lot of cuisines are possible. However:


Can there be a notification where a contact have established a mutliplayer room?