Early Access version 52

that was littile new

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this was littile tricky

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that was make me die XD , there is so man new waves

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Please use it next time.


Then why you made posts below each other, if you know there’s edit button?

becuase it will take me more time to upload

Just wait some time. No need to make posts below each other.

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That’s not true. It takes exactly the same time and I would even say that it takes less if you post them all in the same post since you don’t need to click “reply” button X times.


ok i will use it then

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well look at there , the most annoying wave :unamused: i lost three ICBMs now

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CIU 2020-07-11 23.21.39 1004.217 what is the benefit of it

That decide the location fluctuation of bonus

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whats the benefit

It locates regions where you can get a small key boost

Did you really had to post the same thing after you’ve edited the post itself?

oh , it marks on planets like a huge ray shape

maybe he didnt see it

He did now. But, honestly, no need to post the same thing.

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yeah you right i dont like spamming

The up arrows has the key boost, the down ones, they’ll reduce your keys, I think

Then why did you create such short post?