Early Access version 50

@KaizoKaioticVN spammed a lot on this topic and we got flagged for spamming and writing off-topic replies, But let’s not fight over that nor go off-topic.

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You probably shouldn’t have brought that up


Medal changed.

Fixed in v.51 :medal_sports: Bug


So far people have been commenting about the loss of keys when playing the challenges on rookie vs when playing on ssh

I’d really like to have some longer normal missions too tbh


@InterAction_studios Can this bug be fixed or not possible to be fixed or it’s not worth fixing or whatever?

Well, I’ve increased the beam limit by 10%, but the end will still be visible during extreme screen shakes.

There are other similar known cropping issues during screen shakes. You’re not supposed to be pausing the game during large explosions anyway :wink:

kind-of-fixed in v.51 :medal_sports: Bug


I’ve been thinking about the issue of gift drops in challenges, and I think I might have a potential solution. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement such changes to the RNG, but I figured it might be worth mentioning it.
What if instead of the game randomly selecting a weapon for each gift that spawns, it would randomly assign to each wave two weapon drops, let’s call them weapon_A and weapon_B.
The first gift that spawns in the wave gets weapon_A assigned to it, and the second one gets weapon_B assigned to it.
That way it wouldn’t matter whether the wave has 2 or 20 enemies that drop gifts, each player would get the same weapons, in the same order. I’m pretty sure that combining that with separate limits for atomics and gifts would fix the problem completely.


Fixed in v.51 :medal_sports: Bug


:bug: Multi-kill bonus: Now awards 250 points for each of the first 10 enemies, then 275 for the next 10, then 300 for the next 10, etc. (@Akemisora :medal_sports: Bug)

@InterAction_studios Uhh, wasn’t @Fractorial the one who reported this?


Right you are.


Oh ok

Wait, does it mean we can get as many power ups as we wanted?

But IA said he doesn’t agree with the change.

So, I’ve been planning this idea back in EA V49, but I held it off for EA V50 as per iA’s request.
Anyways, I know that the Muller is getting the lion’s share of new paintjobs but hopefully these new paintjobs are distinct enough to be added in V51:
fuesolage paintjob full
A paintjob that covers the entirety of the Muller’s fuselage. [A]
wing paintjob full
A paintjob that covers the entirety of the muller’s wings. [B]

And if you really want to, I have a bonus paintjob, though it’s not as distinct as these two and thus have a smaller chance of being added in the game:
pods paintjob full
A paintjob that covers absolutely every part of the pods, even the interior. [C]

So, here’s a poll to decide whether you want to add these new paintjobs:
Edit: You know what, since this topic is dead anyways, lemme close the poll now.

  • Add Paintjob A
  • Add Paintjob B
  • Add Paintjob C
  • Don’t add any of them

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As always, may the forks be with you all!


@InterAction_studios why favourites are limited if you can’t remove them

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my eyes hurt

too wide


I gotta say, I agree with the sentiment that stripping every aspect of RNG from the game doesn’t necessarily make it better. You shouldn’t feel like it’s messing you over, but a game where the best player wins invariably 100% of the time quickly discourages everyone else. It should be more like 90-95%, but less talented players should be able to get lucky on rare occasion.

Or still firing a beam, I might add.

Sorry, but this. I’d rather see stuff for Hatchlings and Bombers.


@InterAction_studios key rush missions and squawk block mission should have their own music too.

Also can the Unmount All button at the mission config not affect the Skills, Backgrounds, Wave Music and Boss Music?

The new overdrive mechanic looks cool
But i feel that the 100%+ firerate is a little bit overpowered


Speaking of which, can Plasma get a damage nerf and a firerate boost? It’s better to be able to clear waves entirely instead of do massive damage. (Also increase the overheat time so it does not 6.5/s itself to death so fast)