Early Access version 23

@EmeraldPlay please invite me to your squadron

I only have a squadron for people on my Discord server and it’s full :v


Can anyone add me to a squadron, I’m “minhduc17” :((

I think there should be a medal for completing a certain amount of assigned missions (probably 100), each mission counts only once.

Fixed server-side in v23.2 :medal_sports: Bug

Also @Boggy :medal_sports: Bug for Early Access version 22


Server-side is being upgraded to 23.2. You will be momentarily disconnected. Expected downtime is less than 1 minute.

The galaxy has been partially regenerated in order to correct several overlaps. Existing star systems have been moved around, so if you weren’t docked to a planet you may find your spacecraft floating in space.

Update: Upgrade is finished.


I want to ask : Is “early bird” bonus removed?

no no you need to be very quick try on lower difficulty


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I’ve heard that some people are spamming 20 assignments a day and I think that can get annoying. The reward right now is just one key, which is probably because this is supposed to serve as a proof of concept that the rewards work, and then adjust them according to player feed-back. But there should also be a limit on how many assignments you can give out in a certain day. Four or five assignments should be enough to highlight your favorite missions, while also not clogging up your inbox too much except if you entered many highly active squadrons.


hey @InterAction_studios actuality you should do that to all the items owned like same weapond same satelites etc…

  • In-mission clock now stops after winning/losing (@GuestUniverse :medal_sports: Bug)

Do same thing with score please (and food)

Is every planets here orbiting counterclockwise? If it’s true then can you change it? @InterAction_studios

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@VerMishelb: The v.24 update removes any remaining food and power-ups when mission ends – this should cover 99% of cases where extra score is unaccounted for. :medal_sports: Idea

@Akemisora: Yes, everything orbits in the same direction. Will look into it.

@gabytzu: Certain equipment already does that, provided it’s the same rarity and upgrade level.


only mountables perishables and insights the other categories of items should be “fixed”

also in vresion 22 I was taking about this little bug Early Access version 22

If planet orbit is going to be changed, can we have some planets rotating on their sides? Like Uranus, for example?


@Akemisora: Changed in v.24 :medal_sports: Idea

@gabytzu: Re: mission slots: Changed in v.24 :medal_sports: Idea

@ChickenInvader45: Changed in v.24 :medal_sports: Idea


hey @InterAction_studios another thing you should be able to buy hud backgrounds and music only once you don’t need those same “items” twice

Fixed in v. 24 :medal_sports: Bug


Is the axial orbit or the orbit around the sun?
Is possibile to implement both weird orbits?