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Anyway the poll about cycling music finished in majority saying yes, I know that results aren’t far, but isn’t the thing easy to implement?

but couldn’t you do the same to thundercluck’s bolts at higher difficulties? I mean it uses the same mechanic as Iron Chef. (4 bolts)

I’m against music cycling because it’ll make this whole thing very predictable and boring. You’ll always know which tracks are going to play and in which order. I’ve been experiencing this every time when going home 3 hours listening to the same album again and again because radio doesn’t catch a thing. It’s painful unless tracks are shuffled.

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i want to add new ship

you want to add new ship


And what is it?

I think @alibrineerror666 Is talking about this:

Or this:Hi i have idea

yes any ship

I’ve got bored From this spaceship it be soo old :frowning:

In the “From Cover To Cover” wave, the low barriers are sometimes very hard to destroy. (depends on what weapon you have), so can you raise the lower barriers (the one in the left and right).

I think you forgot to fix this
Wave music Insted of boss music


I’ll just assume that the bracketed text is a part of the track name too.


I don’t know if this idea is unnecesary but can there be a “difficulty insight”? I’m NOT talking about the thing that is under the pause menu, because i’ve been wondering if difficulty increases by every wave that passes (Like weekly challenge). And i’ve been wondering if there could be an insight on some part of your screen that says something like the wave or stage’s current difficulty

Ex. Stage 2, Difficulty: 80% // Stage 3, difficulty 90%

And by every wave (which i suppose that it’s how it works) the number increases.
Wave 10, 70% / Wave 15, 75%, bla bla bla…

Of course, just a random idea i’ve got out of nowhere…

You shall decide
Should (something like) this be added?

  • Yes
  • No

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pick any you wish, i don’t mind


It would be epic; I’d like to have more data under control.


I think it’s our own right to know what current difficulty is. We should make it free and available for all instead of a purchasable insight.

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Uh… IA? I don’t think I should be able to mount the same track in more than one slot at the same time… Bug?

By the way, if you do what I did on the picture above, it still only plays the same chosen track depending on the mission progress (wave/boss).

It’s not, actually, because the music preference has no ordering – it’s just a series of yes/no flags for each track. Besides, the poll isn’t showing a strong preference, and I personally think it would be repetitive to start off with the same music all the time. Perhaps a better solution would be to start off stage 1 with a random track, and then cycle through them for subsequent stages, but even that would require changing how the music preference is stored.

These are two different bosses, so there is no requirement for their mechanics to match.

You’re not meant to destroy the low barriers because that breaks the wave. That’s why some of them are indestructible. Ideally, all barriers on that wave should be indestructible.

It is. I just removed the word from the game to avoid confusion.

That’s always the case. That’s why missions have two difficulties: One for the starting wave, and one for the ending wave. Everything in between is linearly interpolated. So, if you keep a calculator by your keyboard, you can work it out yourself. :smirk:


Technically you are correct, however it’s a pain to implement for very little benefit. Besides, this way you can make a particular track play twice as often as the other ones. This is wrong. Mounting it more than once has no effect.


Alright then, calculator and everything is set up… NOW What about a 10 waves mission that is 27% to 89%? (not real) How much do i have to count by each wave that goes on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Point taken but thing is some people won’t like to listen to the same music being randomized 24/7 so I suggested this :man_shrugging: .

but once I said you could make 4 bolts at higher difficulties. and you answered that they would leave gaps in the middle just like the Iron Chef’s charge. like both attack’s are the same so Why would’nt we do the same to thundercluck?

that might help people to prepare the best equipment for waves. so I am agreeing with it.

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So since the birth of the game is near (14th of August, 2018 iirc). What about remastering the whole game into Birthday Edition Next Update?

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remaster is a big word

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