HI Well, I respect your opinion

But I still want a new spacecraft

OK This spacecraft is from a family Millenium

1- Millenium 5 2555 key ( satellite 5)

2- Millenium 6 3001 key (satellite 6)

3- Millenium 7 (satellite 7)5000 key for (CHL) for normal play 10000 key
i hope you like my idea


Are you ahmet?

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There was one player who asked for this ship to be added

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this spacecraft has a copyright so IA will not add it

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Suggested many times already, and I believe it won’t be added.


this hen solo thing is copyrighted and won’t get into the game.

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Already suggested even for me. XD
It was one of my desired suggestions for the game, but I didn’t know know that this ship cannot be integrated as a playable ship due to the following restriction: Millenium Hatchling (Hen Solo) as a as a playable ship - #5 by minasam123

It could have very good characteristics and a good reputation in the game, and obviolsly would be my main flagship killer.

bro we can agree this maybe but is has need high money in game.

Hi well, we also respect your opinion. But there is no way that will get into the game because it is copyrighted.

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