Early Access version 106.2

As you can see, it’s hard to find wormhole to go because wormhole names aren’t sorted by anything
I think it should sort by name (or others), it’s better to find wormhole to go
Thanks for reading.


I think it’s sorted by Coordinates


This has already been fixed for v.107:

That particular attack is telegraphed by the boss’s wings (the “sign of the horns”). No warning is necessary.

Yes, you can – you just need to remain very close to the boss as you orbit around it.

Changed in v.107 :medal_sports: Idea


Thanks for that.
And this is my callsign (because I don’t want to DM you lol): PinkG (although you can see my callsign in this picture)


What about me @InterAction_studios?


a bit late here but woah dude you gotta keep calm and have a bit more patience with people lol

WDYM? Didn’t he just tell you that you can replace the BASS driver in your copy of the game’s folder with some older version?

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Yes yes. Ik

I Mean this

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I overlooked that when reading your replies, sorry. It’s possible that the other player has killed less than 4 enemies, which happens to be the condition for the bonus to be rewarded.

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I like the update you guys at @InterAction_studios

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Uhm, @InterAction_studios when is the full game coming out if you don’t mind me asking

When it’s done

Retro can be considered a secret endgame content, because it only appears at wormholes, no other place, not even public competitive missions, except for the Alien Mothership, which manages to leak out of the wormholes to join Boss Rush missions.

Should the Alien Mothership be removed from Boss Rush?
  • Yes
  • No

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Also, what is your opinion on the Alien Mothership in competitive missions? Do you think they have a major impact on your score competitively? I think the major difference comes from the gifts and firepowers for points, but you can just bring satellites for that, because using them only costs you 35,000 medal points (2 gifts).


Funny enough, neither do droid raids even tho they don’t feel like endgame content at all.
Anyways I think leaving them in boss rushes is fine. Regarding competitive missions, I feel like multikill is also quite important here since alien mothership is one of the few bosses that has it.


Not sure what the problem is, but Pecking Order is given to ALL players. This is intended.

I would find it very hard to believe that the second player received the bonus but not the points.


Okey I believe you


sorry but can you use “Okay” instead of “Okey”? It sounds like you’re being sarcastic

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From the FAQ:


IA, I think you should add a nofication screen before starting a competition mission when use Accumulator because some user didn’t notice that Accumulator Is still unbalanced


its just a recommendation