The Inventory is a feature that you can use by pausing the game when you are on a mission and clicking Inventory
What does it do you might be asking?
Well, When you click the button it shows you all of your items (Mines, Boosters, etc)
Useful in hard missions
When you are about to lose
Need help
Can only be used ONCE in a mission
When you choose an item it gets used immediately
Hope you like the idea!

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it should only show all your equipped equipments and not choosing stuff


Okay, so basically I have an equipment full of items, plus an inventory with additional items that I can put in my equipment only once every mission? Sounds too OP in my opinion.

Also, for example, if you don’t want to lose a mission and your ship gets destroyed so many times, just pack a lot of extra lives in your equipment before starting the mission.


if you need special weapons you don’t get a pack of 3 instead you get 1 (the same thing with Perishables, Auto Uses, pretty much everything that come in packs)

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this is good idea bro. but we need to reply IA

maybe this on next update


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