🎖 Competition Challenge - Season 2


Greetings, everyone
Welcome to the Competition Challenge - Season 2 (CC-S2). This year has a new challenge rule from CLC to making this competition more interesting than the previous one since 1 year ago. For this season, everyone have to pay a lots of attention from massive challenge, which was biggest challenge of CC on any challenge rules from CLC but it’s getting more difficult than you thought, every competition have to determined by any challenge rules from CLC to find out who’s the best competitor of CC. And prepare for the new things here, because this time all winners from currently will be decreased down onto 4 winners instead of 8 winners, which meaning that some participate must gain the 1st place in twice from each CC for advanced to the CC#Final.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get ready for another competition, shall we? (This thing has been changed for a bit.)

What’s meaning about Competition Challenge (CC)?

Competition Challenge is a competition for everyone in this forum (including all recruit and challengers from CLC) must fight each other for the 1st place of CC to claim a special trophy in the season of challenge and the best competitor of the CIU’s universe. Each Competition Challenge has a tough challenge to beat it within time limit.

*Warning 1 : Every Competition Challenge has a privilege for the 1st place, so everyone must prove yourself by completing each CC to encounter with the other winners on CC#Final.

**Warning 2 : Every Competition Challenge will get some prepare for a tough challenge in daily week or month, so everyone can access to the CC by complete a qualifying challenge.

Did you know : Qualifying Challenge is an extra challenge to prove that you’re really become a competitor of CC. If you completed, will be accessed to each CC you want to participate. But if you failed, will be disqualified from each CC you want to participate in every case.

P.S. Qualifying challenge will be sent to someone who wanted to become the one of competitors.

Cr. Original Post from CC-S1

Status of Competition Challenge

Competition Challenge List Status
Competition Challenge#1 - Doom of Darkness II Completed
Competition Challenge#2 - The Food Collector II In-Progress of Planning
Competition Challenge#3 - Evasion of Fighter Coming Soon
Competition Challenge#4 - Unprepared Survivor Coming Soon
Competition Challenge#5 - Race to the Stars II Coming Soon
Competition Challenge#6 - Independence Day of UHF Coming Soon
Competition Challenge#7 - Last Boss Standing II Coming Soon
Competition Challenge#8 - Retro Invaders Coming Soon

Competitors of CC-S2

Every time when the current competition has been completed, will be showed up on-here for sure about competitor’s status. When the last competition as CC#8 has just ended, will be proceed to the CC#Knockout for finding the remain winners left.

# Competitor Reward in Overall
1 ArtemNikolaev211085 :1st_place_medal:x1
2 Luisgamer2021 :2nd_place_medal:x1

Hall of Fame for Competitors of CC - Season 2

Every progress that you completed from any competitions will be saved on this list for the next generation of challengers can watching all competitors which has been participated in-here.

Competition Challenge#1 - Doom of Darkness II

Position Competitor Reward
1st ArtemNikolaev211085 :1st_place_medal:
2nd Luisgamer2021 :2nd_place_medal:

Competition Challenge#Final

This is the final round of every season on Competition Challenge. Here will show to all winners from each CC to encounter with each stage, which started from Quarter-Final onto Grand-Final with the hardest massive challenge from every CC that already completed to find out who’s the next winner of this season.

Competition Challenge#Final’s Status: Unready


Competition Challenge#1’s Audition Status: Closed

Competitor of CC#1

Audition Time Ended: -

**This post will always stay here for competitors prepare a tough challenge in competition and maybe I will add someone in randomly. If every competitors are here already, CC#1 will begin right away soon. Please take your time for practice to make your skills and capable in your favorite mission before CC#1’s begin.


I want to join

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Please wait until this audition is officially open for everyone by following the date. From now on, I will marked on CC#1’s Audition List to prepare for qualifying challenge.

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I’ll be joining the challenge tomorrow

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You’re one of this too? (I’m still waiting for your confirmation)

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Maybe, but I want to join this challange. I wanted to join last season, but since I didn’t have much skill, I had to watch how they were doing there

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So, there’s a chance to prove against the others that you’re the best competitor of this season for now. (Just let me know about your experience)

Attention Please

CC#1 of CC-S2 is now officially opened for audition to everyone for now.
Please check on this link and prepare for qualifying challenge: CC#1’s Audition

Thank you for your patience and understanding
Have Fun and Enjoy

To @youssef and @ArtemNikolaev211085
When you’re ready to participate in-here, please notify me to receive the qualifying challenge.



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To @youssef

Qualifying Challenge: Complete the mission on darkness section within 4 minutes of mission time while any weapons have 5 firepowers limited only


  1. This challenge is required a mission type of darkness only.
  2. Difficulty more than 60% is required.

Tip: This qualifying challenge is doesn’t affect to CLC, which meaning that you have to engage with your best mission that you already encountered. But pay attention, when the competition has been started, you cannot replay the same mission in every case.

There is this mission, but I don’t think I will get it done in 4 minutes. Am I looking for a shorter mission?
As for the weapon, I will use the Moron Railgun because all the weapons I have are (8) power

Yeah, I think you have to find a shorter mission, just only 1 stage with following the difficulty.

Or otherwise, I had to change the rule to making this qualifying challenge easier.

(But on any competition will not change any rules, which meaning that even though you wanted to change the rule, but will not be changed when the real competition has officially started)

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One last question: did I use a skills or not?

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This qualifying challenge has no rule about using any skills, so you can use the skills whenever you can.

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I think I’m ready

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To @ArtemNikolaev211085

Qualifying Challenge: Complete 2 darkness mission with any weapons 10 firepower limited and without dying 5 times in overall

Warning: Duration of some darkness mission is not allowed for less than 2 stages. (One stage has following normal waves and include boss wave)

Don’t forget to complete your serious challenge on CLC too. To make sure that you’re ready to become the one of higher rank.

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I found the mission of darkness, but I’ve passed it.

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4 minutes was not enough because of 5 firepowers limited

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