CIU's League Challenge - Phase 2

Welcome to the CLC, this is where all recruits or challengers have to send a dare each others in UHF league with your own challenge rules. You can create your own challenge rules in league to challenge all every skills you have. Wherever you have been dared with challenges from the others, please read all description of challenge details.

Ex.1 You must complete a round equipped with Ion Blaster only
That’s means you need to select a weapon follow the owner of challenge’s rule.

Ex.2 Survive a supernova’s section without collect any weapons or powerups
That’s means you must complete a round in supernova and don’t collect it.

Ex.3 Defeat all bosses in Boss Rush equipped with any weapons lvl.1 and without dying
That’s mean you must select any weapons lvl.1 before you start the session and don’t die any life or less to complete this challenge.
*But watch out in 50% - 100% of Boss Rush, some challenge will made you insane, so prepare for your skills wisely.

Complete a challenge in time before you lose either dares and challenges, and will be recorded for your own list.

Here is an example for your own challenge’s record

Bigmos’s Challenge Record
:medal_sports: Challenge Completed : 12
:medal_sports: Challenge Failed : 3

Keep progress your record to share with your friends and the others, and show them who’s the best challenger in CIU by follow this :

0-10 : :medal_military: Newbie’s Challenger
11-25 : :medal_military: Amateur’s Challenger
26-40 : :medal_military: Professional’s Challenger
41-75 : :medal_military: Expert’s Challenger
76-100 : :medal_military: Legendary’s Challenger
101> : :medal_military: God’s Challenger

P.S.1 for who wants to challenge someone : You must post your own challenge rules to the others here after you dares someone from in-game.
P.S.2 for who was dared and challenged by someone : If someone dare you with easy to hard challenge, try to beat their challenge in time to collect your challenge’s records.

This CLC has some special challenge for every recruits and challengers must participate for advance to the next rank by following some serious rule to promoted. After you promoted, you will get more difficult challenge.

Following this Rank :

  • Recruit
  • Challenger
  • Senior Challenger
  • Commander Challenger
  • Elite Challenger
  • Expert Challenger
  • Champion Challenger
  • King of Challenger

Role for Each Rank in CLC

This is an exclusive rule of CLC for all recruits and challengers must obey to these rules by your current rank. Try not to disobey for these rules, or otherwise you will get demoted your rank into low rank (maybe you will be kicked from CLC temporary or permanently, is up to president and owner of CLC).

  • Recruit

    • You will get some basic challenge from owner of CLC or higher rank, but cannot dare to all newbies that will be one of CLC and above of your current rank.

    • You can’t create your challenge rule until you have to prove your skills, tactical and capable to improve your experience first. When your experience is enough to be ready for create your challenge, you must create your challenge rules by your choices and dare to owner of CLC for evaluation of your challenge rule. If your challenge rule was impressed by owner of CLC, you will be able to create more challenge to make owner of CLC’s getting more impressed and more excitement (rank “Recruit” only).

  • Challenger

    • You will get some challenge with more difficult and more rules.

    • You cannot dare to above of your current rank.

    • From the same rule of rank “Recruit”, but this one is different. If your challenge rule was impressed and approved by owner of CLC, you will be able to dare whoever in this rank “Recruit” by your choices (rank “Challenger” only).

  • Senior Challenger

    • You will get some challenge with more difficult and more rules (harder than previous rank).

    • You can dare whoever in these rank “Recruit” and “Challenger” by your choices.

    • You can invite all newbies in this forum to join in this CLC to teach newbies for learn about this experience of challenge (Also, for CC too).

    • You can’t dare to above of your current rank.

  • Commander Challenger

    • You will receive a challenge 3 times per weeks from owner of CLC.

    • You can dare whoever in these rank “Recruit”, “Challenger” and “Senior Challenger” by your choices

    • You can invite all newbies in this forum to join in this CLC to teach newbies for learn about this experience of challenge (Also, for CC too).

    • Owner of CLC will be an advisor to you for more information and your experience.

    • You will got dared by whoever in these rank “Elite Challenger”, “Expert Challenger”, “Champion Challenger” and “King of Challenger”.

    • You can’t dare to above of your current rank.

    • You can’t miss any challenges 20 times in a row or 100 times in overall (start count from this rank, not include from previous rank), or otherwise you will be demoted onto the previous rank.

These rank below will be updated in the future when someone earn it for the first time.

  • Elite Challenger (Coming Soon)
  • Expert Challenger (Coming Soon)
  • Champion Challenger (Coming Soon)
  • King of Challenger (Coming Soon)

Challenger’s Rank List :

  • Commander Challenger

    • Arnav
    • christian_f
  • Senior Challenger

    • Ardhane271
    • ScarletCuboids
  • Challenger

    • Ahmed577
    • ArtemNikolaev211085
    • Chimmo
    • TheGoldenBoss128
    • T-59
  • Recruit

    • Alice_De_Uruguay
    • bhuyquang1
    • BlueGamingVN
    • blue_ocean
    • CattyCheese
    • chickenboi (Pro Player)
    • Crashies
    • Desea
    • EasternLich
    • GTTOP
    • KaizoKaioticVN
    • Mohamed2
    • OneWingLunarian
    • peterexited
    • RainbowBoyVN
    • RoboCat
    • SOLAR
    • Stardrone
    • TIGAR88
    • VerMishelb
    • xXmlgDiegoXx
    • 2sN

For you wanted to be a CC, check here for more information and challenge rule :point_right: Competition Challenge

What happened next, it’s up to you.
Good Luck :medal_military:


After I announcement this message since 3rd of April to everyone,

Attention please to all pilots, recruits and challengers

As Owner of CC and Committee of CC will apologies to all everyone that I will temporary closed these topic (CLC and CC) for 1 month. Due I have to gone outside for “Vipassana Meditation” since tomorrow afternoon (my time zone) to 8th May. So, all recruits and challengers can still dare and challenge the others in this topic without me, but beware if these topic (CLC and CC) permanently closed, that’s mean it’s gone forever.

But don’t worry, I will comeback to open it again in another topic soon in this 9th or 10th of May for continue to what happen next in the future. And also for CC, I will open for audition in third week of May. So you guys have only one month to prove your skills with your friends. When I comeback, I will get back to prepare for open the CC#4’s Audition coming soon.

Stay Tuned and May the Forks be with you, everyone

Owner of CLC and Committee of CC

#CC #ChattingPlace #CIULeagueTalkingPlace #blue_ocean’schallengetopic

So here’s an officially announcement to everyone for today.

Since those topic (CLC’s old one and CC) have been permanently closed, I have to created it again for another topic as I said from previous announcement to continue for what happened next in the future. And don’t worry for CC#4’s Audition, it will be ready to open for every recruits and challengers again within 1-2 weeks.

So what are you waiting for all recruits and challengers, this is a CLC’s Phase 2 is now officially online when the first phase has been permanently offline.

Prepare your skills and tacticals, ladies and gentlemen.
Challenge is back

Owner of CLC and Committee of CC



Since many people are now joining CIU, maybe I might find some new recruits to challenge on


I am in.


After CLC is back online as Phase 2, it’s time for @ThisIsChristianF must get ready and prepare for a back to basic’s challenge today.

Challenge : Complete a Boss Rush with your best time record and without dying once

Warning 1 : If you beat my time record, you will be claim this :medal_sports: for free.
Warning 2 : You can’t use any abilities in this challenge.

A dare match will be added to you when I finished it (with screenshots too). Watch my time record carefully before you enter the session.

When my screenshots is on your way, christian_f. Challenge will be started soon.



Its not understandable, try returning it back to English. because I may not see the numbers clearly


Ok, @christian_f. I won’t be translate my language again next time for more understandable.

My time record is 4:19

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Anyways I’m done, I also flew unprepared


Wow, that was incredible for unprepared and you beat my time record.

Here’s your reward


Don’t forget about challenge that you tried to dare me this time, @ScarletCuboids.

Check your status here :point_right: RamonTokus’s Challenge


For the first time that @Ardhane271 will get some challenge from CLC, let’s see if he prove with his capable and skill in this challenge.

Challenge : Defeat all bosses in Boss Rush and without being strike from lightning bolts

*If you beat this challenge for the first time, you will claim this officially rank “Recruit”.

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Watch out for @Ahmed577 that equipped with Absolver Beam and he get some trouble from those environments that tried to blow him up while he wanted to get on Heroware to change his weapon.

:warning: Scanning Detected : Feather Fields incoming fast on your position, please turn back your spaceship or otherwise you will get through and take some damage from all of those feathers

Defend Yourself, Ahmed577

Challenge : Survive yourself from :zap: and :snowflake: in Feather Fields section

:warning: Warning

  1. Absolver Beam is required in this challenge, but the other weapons are not required
  2. Try not to make your weapon got overheat
  3. Don’t get die more than 5 times (along to boss fight) in this challenge

If one of this has been detected, it will be count as failed in this challenge immediately.

When a dare match has been sent to you, that’s mean challenge is gonna start soon.

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<>Data received
<>Starting C:\UHF\Recruits\RamonTukoso\files\utilities\challenge_generator.exe
<>Generating a challenge based on the configuration (Estimated time: 30 Minutes)


Well, I’m sorry for that Bigmos, I had a problem with the moon and a temporary aversion for everything, but now I can try to participate. I really appreciate your work.


It takes longer than expected…refreshing everything…
Sending challenge to @Bigmos49216

A mail has arrived to your inbox, Open

“Hello, Bigmos, long time no seen. Guess your Vipassana Meditation is nice. Welp, here’s a twist for ya. You see, I’ve tired seeing chickens come from [REDACTED] and destroying the Space Burger supply line. I want you to go there and deal MINIMAL damage with your shotgun. Beware that this mission has some Thors and Gravity Fuckers that mess with your shit. Good luck.”

Mission: Complete the mission with only using Corn Shotgun

:warning: Restrictions:

  • You can’t equip anything (except HUDs and Only 1 Extra Life)
  • Corn Shotgun must be your start weapon to the end (obvious restriction)
  • Can’t go above 10 firepower

Difficulty: A

The Challenge is generating, please wait.

Challenge Sent!, please provide proof to very that you not cheated the challenge. Challenge Generator Developers thank you for using our service.


Got it

Hmm…, It seems I have to change my favorite weapon to complete this challenge. Ok

Well, I won’t to collect more firepower again if reach to 10.

RamonTokus’s Challenge
Status : Challenge Accepted

Results will conclude on tomorrow, @ScarletCuboids
Stay Tuned

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Dang it, @ScarletCuboids. You got me

But I failed cause environments combine with eggs.

Results : :medal_sports: Challenge Failed

This is the first time that I lost RamonTokus’s Challenge, but you really prove your skills and tactical for creator of challenge to me, Excellent.

Here’s your reward
Congratulations, RamonTokus
You have been promoted from rank “Recruit” into officially rank “Senior Challenger”.


Can I use satellites?


Yes, you can use it.

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