Colosseum station (+ little rant about mails)

Sorry, I can not see this working. A proper mail sorting function instead would be much much better, even if there is one colosseum on every solar system.


Yeah, what does it change? You can stop or you don’t need to.

Your opinion. I think that in CIU it would be better to have it in special places.

So it actually makes use of traveling.

6 hours ago I would call this solution creative, but right now after reading all this dumb outcry like this is murdering someone I can only call it controversial.

Maybe in the future it could also host the training mode if it actually gets added. Or this could be the place where the difficulty skill mission take place. It’s object that involves chicken and fighting. Right now the only thing in the game that can be assigned to Colosseum are challenges.

Thank lord for limited stock. You travel to a shop to buy one specific item and you arrive only to learn that it was sold out. How is this good? You just wasted your fuel. Also different pricing. The difference in price sometimes isn’t even worth wasting “precious” fuel.
As for nothing changes. Does it really need to change? I wouldn’t mind if the customization of spaceships could only be made in this location if it gets added - This way we can have more filled galaxy and finally make use of traveling.

What if I from time to time also want to try my skills in a challenge?

But only if you didn’t get to top10. Let’s rewind few my posts and read - "or we can just send the mails to players that are in the specific top10 so they know that they did well ". Problem solved.

Easier and more lazy.

Then go to the Colosseum.

Or you can stay near the Colosseum because traveling in this game is useless and only go farming the keys when you want to. Sorry, people already stay at one place.

I’m not talking about filtering them. Read my posts. I’m talking that if you want to play just for keys you should know that there are better missions to do it and you should play challenges only to test your skills. Sure you can play the challenge, but you shouldn’t play it casually.

How is this a fresh mission? You can just travel to never visited planet, pick random mission and it will be the same level of freshness. If there were actually waves exclusive to the challenge or maybe in the future if this game’s a success - new waves daily, then I can agree with calling that fresh.

It’s competitive because it’s created this way. Yes, you can play it casually for keys, but you shouldn’t. It’s made to get into top10.

You started it.

Let’s examine it carefully. Giving chickens AK’s is just dumb and your second laughing point just backfires at you because we have a Fricking soccer ball chickens.

It sticks very much. Better than some suggestions. UHF testing heroes sounds totally legit and makes sense. Because you need your heroes to be in shape and the best.

“urgent chicken forces coming through your areas”.

  1. We can change the content of the mails
  2. How is this making more sense that everywhere in the galaxy in one moment every player is experiencing the same invasion. And UHF collects the data just so they can make leaderboard.


There’s no need for the audience. Do you expect them to live in the Colosseum or fly to it every time someone from UHF decides to test skills?

I mean they invaded the Earth. Although as a revenge for killing and eating chicken, but still. Anyway, there’s no audience on the Colosseum. Look at the planets. You have missions there. If you play on of the missions do you see the terrain of the planet?

Yes, you are.

It’s in the first post - too much mail and need to travel

I don’t have issues with that. Only thing I said is that I think that it would be better if only confident and skilled players should play the challenges. If you’re not this type then don’t expect that the challenge was made for you. If you want to just play missions casually just play the missions on the planets. More skilled players obviously have better spaceships and collected amount of keys to travel to the Colosseum so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Well, that’s the problem of the whole game. Exploration is useless, but I’m trying to make it mandatory so players won’t stay in 1 place the whole game. Because what’s the reason to have all that big map, fuel and shops if player just stays in one place.

Let’s move all the shops to one place so you can have comfort of choosing the best prices without wasting any time and fuel. Also it isn’t that much of discomfort. If you’re the challenge type player you will still stay in one place. If you’re exploration type then you still keep traveling. If you’re mix of the two then get congratulations you just discovered a reason to travel.

Still, what if I want to test my skills again? Should I wait for another mail to arrive? Or if it’s still going in my inbox, what’s the point of the mute button if it still will be a junk message in my mailbox?

Judging by how “well” this is going then I don’t think we will ever see 1 Colosseum in the whole galaxy.

I’m alright with that.

Well, thing is that this how you planned it it doesn’t add anything to the game than a simpler and more multi-purpose mail sorting would do.

However, if you tackled your idea of a special place for challenges from another perspective, then it would be very different. Something that I could see working would be a colusseum for user-made challenges (so, it would be a tie-in of two idea, one of them long awaited for the players):

  • A new mission editor called ‘Challenge Creator’
  • Availability starts after a predefined tier
  • You would have a stash of waves to select from a pool
  • You have a limit of wave repetition per stage and per mission
  • Bosses can be selected only once
  • You can select base difficulty and an option to lock the Skill Factor
  • You have to certify your custom challenge by completing it, at least every single stage has to be done without losing a live. If a life is lost, the stage starts again until you complete it. (sort of what TrackMania does for user tracks, but some changes are necessary for this game)
  • Waves completed with special weapons will be marked to warn the hero before runing it
  • All user made challenges would be playable on Colosseums scatered among the universe, at least 3 per constellation.
  • Colosseums could have also the usual weekly, daily and special challenges (so it covers your initial idea, aside from proper mail sorting)

But if you get stuck with your idea blindly when everybody keeps telling you how pointless it is as it, you will get nowhere, instead you should think deeper and see how to tackle those problems. I gave you an idea for it. ^^


qbus371, I would like to deeply apologize. I see your intentions now, you want to make exploration more fun and gratificating. I’m sorry. But the execution of this behind challenges is still wrong to me, you should try changing something.

It doesn’t need to add anything new to the game. It cleans your mailbox and tries to give another reason to use travels. Sure we can have mail sorting, but it’s lazy.

Literally 2 posts above you:
“Maybe in the future it could also host the training mode if it actually gets added. Or this could be the place where the difficulty skill mission take place. It’s object that involves chicken and fighting. Right now the only thing in the game that can be assigned to Colosseum are challenges”

What? No. If you can complete the stage even with dying that means that it doesn’t have bugs and people can finish it. It’s not super mario maker where depending on where you spawn the game mechanics can go haywire and make impossible levels. But here we have RNG so mistakes can happen and will happen.

I fell like 312 Colosseum stations are too much.

Why I’m the one who’s stuck? Maybe it’s you? In discussion it’s just me vs 4 of you, but my topic got some likes. Sometimes it’s better to stand by your point of view, especially if it doesn’t hurt anybody. And I don’t see how my idea is hurting anybody. But I understand it is taking from you the element that you got used to already. I experienced it in my other discussion so I’m prepared.

Too bad that I prefer to show everyone my point of view and convince them that it’s not bad. That’s how I tackle those problems.

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But it does further exploration. Don’t you want that?

Just check that category lol

Simple = lazy

But what’s the point in it then if you can just not have to do that. More time spent doing nothing.

Daily challange. Has leaderboards. Doesn’t immediatly become competetive. I mean it does, but doesn’t mean everyone has to play it that way.

The colloseum could be great if it got some nice design, I’ll give you that now. Sorry.

Categorize mail with an option to mute catogories.

Well I guess, but instead of locking people behind a fuel wall you can just let them test for themselves and see that it’s not for them. They have the option not to play it.

At most, it makes you go back and forth everyday once. Not that exploration changing imo. Something else needs to do the cut.

But again, shops are varied, and this for me just feels like an extra step for something we already have. Though that might be more connected to how exploration works…

You can click different categories atop. If you mute one, you won’t get the pop ups for them and the yellow “new” asterisks for them either. You can just click that category to see it.

You know, while this idea if added wouldn’t be bad, I don’t see it change much.

Something that doesn’t add anything is worthless; instead something that adds new and balanced stuff is worth adding.
Mail sorting isn’t lazy, it’s just effective and a direct tackle to the issue.

Why would I add a challenge if I can’t complete it myself? Yes, the point of challenges is that they are well, a challenge, but has to be possible.

So for you getting rid of an annoyance, I must get a new one. Yay for that. New stuff has to coexist well with previous and well accepted stuff, that’s why iA themselves put the old ship mechanics on the shelf for normal gameplay, because it is an annoyance for the general audience. Instead they made it optional by adding the new element on the mix, in this case the bomber family along with it’s buff damage.
And that’s when the line Colosseums could have also the usual weekly, daily and special challenges (so it covers your initial idea, aside from proper mail sorting) makes sense. Instead of forcing everyone to play your way, you make it complementary with the new element you want to add.

What it’s called blindly stuck, yes.

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Yeah, but it is on more annoying side of the exploration. And I think that even more annoying than taking the challenges from mail and making them available in special locations.

Okay, if it will be in mailbox and will not be showing as a new message it can work.


Fair point, but still can be said to every other mission.

But, that’s what I said. Everyone can play it, but not everyone should. I only stated it because somebody said that “challenges should be played by everybody” and I think that it is not true. They were made to find the best players and push your limits. It’s not that bad that they will be a little harder to get to. And I mean really a little. Sure having them as a button in your UI is fastest and most convenient way, but every mission can be made like that and if it would be made like that then what’s the point with exploring?

What’s the point of the fuel if there are no things that make you use it? (and don’t anybody start with rare parts because I’m sick of it already)

It still is an improvement from staying in one place.

Yes, exploration is bad in general. I’m just trying to come up with ideas that will somehow improve it. I don’t know what would be needed to make it good and worth it (medal for getting 100% of map is neither good or worth it). Like I said many times CIU map is like big sandbox games - the whole selling point is that it is big, but unfortunately it’s empty and there’s nothing to do. In fact every mission can be found in area of max 3 constellations which is ~2.8% of the whole map. Why should anybody travel further?

I think that’s the only reason why you all don’t want it to be added. I also think that’s the reason why we got rid of intended (how IA seen it before some people started complaining in oldest versions) movement in CIU. But why even think about some elements because some people already got used to how it is now and they won’t accept any changes. Maybe that’s also the reason why in 2015, 13 years after first main game in CI series (CI2) the CI5 still has 120 waves campaign. We have it, so why look for ways to have it in different way.

Yeah, I agree. Fixing bugs is totally worthless.

We can call it new, we don’t have Colosseum stations right now. I get that the missions it would offer can’t be called new, but as I said earlier. It’s just because you already got used to having them in your main UI. Same can be said about customization menu. It also could be more interesting to have it as space station in the galaxy view (it would be kind of like customization in Need For Speed Underground 2). We can have a cleaner UI this way.

Well, you know that the creators aren’t always good at playing? Or, not so good like other players. Take a look at Getting over it with Bennett Foddy. Creator said that he only completed every obstacle once and then put them all together. Take a look at older games. They were specifically created to make them much harder after playing some time so the player can throw more coins into the slot (CI1 works this way, but without coins). Developers of that certainly didn’t complete that challenge. Heck even Rubik’s cube creator didn’t solve it for month after creating the cube. Point is, you can be a good creator even when you’re not better than other players at playing.
Also in what way your idea is any different than the random generator? You have only the waves that are present in the game. Someone some time ago suggested whole wave creator, this would be good and I agree that every wave should be tested by playing it without losing lives and using special weapons or satellites. Because waves created by users can have bugs and impossible to complete areas.

Okay, I agree that it can be less convenient way than it is now. But is it that bad?

I don’t know why IA listened to small group of players that complained after IA tried to introduce something new (TO AN EARLY ACCESS SPIN-OFF GAME) to the series. By cutting it out they made the spaceship parts useless because they didn’t do anything at all. Right now parts change how much you use fuel in traveling and can improve your overheating. But they aren’t connected to the main gameplay that much to be worth looking for them.
Annoyance for general audience is also keys, but guess what they added in CI4.

Yeah, and by making it optional it automatically becomes unnecessary for some players. If there would be missions exclusive to the bomber family then they would need to learn new things and it wouldn’t be unnecessary. (no, don’t even bring the bomber flight test, because you can complete it with the starting spaceship and you don;t need the bomber family)

As I said earlier, sometimes you need to force someone to do something and that person can actually like it after some time. Here we see that some people wouldn’t like to be forced this way, but maybe other group of players will like it.

I would say it’s called being stubborn. Your way of calling could be used on flat earthers or antivacciners because they are still stuck on their views even after being presented with ACTUAL FACTS. You are not presenting me actual facts, you are presenting me your opinion.

I will only reply to you about the term “Challenge mission” or “Race”.

Fly race: You are racing against other players to complete the mission as fast as possible, although not necessary at the same time in real-time, I’m still fine with that.

“Fly challenge mission”: I agree that for challenges, especially the one attempt Daily Challenge, not everyone should play it without knowing the game well. However, the game currently allows the player freedom of choice to fly the challenges as they wish, and they can use lower skills, or simply choose one of the three difficulties, even if they don’t have a chance to enter top 10.

New players when starting the game only unlock the easiest Chicken Invasion missions and the game does not allow you to view exact duration and diffculty without first reaching the required tier. However there are players that accidentally lose their account for some reason, and they need those Weekly Challenges to quickly recover, so enforcing a tier requirement on challenge missions will make it worse (although I know there’s nothing in your post that suggests this, but I’m still saying).

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When I was a new player, I wonder, what happens if you completely runs out of keys, fuel, food, special weapons, extra lives, everything? The answer is stay in your star system and play galaxy missions. However:

  • What if you have no Always-on items at all and don’t have anything at all, and you are stuck on a system with unaccessible planets (Hot, Electric, Sun)

  • You get bored of those galaxy missions.

Then play the challenges, bringing nothing at all, they are randomly regenerated once in a while. If you are good enough, you might actually win “Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness”!

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Then I dare to say that they’re not quite doing their job.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure we’ve yet to see anyone actually support this idea.
By the way, your Colosseum would only “solve” the “problem” of getting spammed with challenge notifications. I’m personally more annoyed by the amount of notifications you receive when exploring. Something that mail categorisation might actually help with.

Unless, of course, you want to propose adding a different object for each and every type of mail.
At this point we may as well just go back 150 years and start using bloody mailboxes again.

Hell, you could even customise them! Do you prefer them British? Or maybe American-style? Pick your color, shine and pattern!
You could buy a spam filter that would automatically disintegrate all mail, so that you’d never have to worry about having to receive ANY information from the outside world.



Don’t wanna join the discussion, just…

Edit: My bad, it doesn’t work the way I thought it would work. Bruh.

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And I’m not planning to change that. I only expressed my opinion that challenges should be played by people who want to get in top10 and are determined and skilled. My idea presented in the first post doesn’t disable the challenge missions from new players.

Ok, but how is it bad? You have the easiest missions unlocked and you can use them to level up the tier. I suppose IA can make it able to click the blocked missions to see the info about them and also make the “fly mission” button disabled, but how does this info help new players?

In what way you can lose your account in CIU? (other than IA deleting the players for not playing more than 1 hour). It’s impossible. The only way I currently see it’s possible to get account fricked is after the very start of the game, choose the furthest system you are able to travel and it so happens that there is no Colosseum and there are no planets with mission for 0 tier players. It’s nearly impossible and you also get small amount of keys for exploring every object in the system which you can use to buy fuel and get to nearby system in which there are new objects and new missions. So in order to get your account wasted you need to do it on purpose.
And I’m also not enforcing a tier requirement on challenge missions.

As I wrote earlier. You would need to do it on purpose to get stuck in that system. And why should anyone that want to play lock his account on purpose?

Right now challenges are also created with regular waves. So if you get bored of galaxy missions there’s no way you are not bored of challenges.

They still are the same as normal missions. The only difference is the leadearboard is present so you can try your skills and see if there’s some room to improve. The normal missions are also randomly generated. Yes, they aren’t regenerated, but there are so many planets that you don’t need them to regenerate because nearly always you will get never seen before mission.

How is it so? Please tell more about it. The top10 literally shows the best players that participated in it.

Well, I’m not so sure if that can be described as anyone that actually supports this idea, but I like to think that yes. Also I’m not blaming them for not participating in this discussion because I know that not everyone likes to read this long posts and I always pretty much defend my view by myself. Also, remember that it is always the people that don’t like something that screams the loudest.

You’re not alone, but mail categorisation isn’t good for exploring messages. They are useless. The way I see them work is… hard to explain, but please read. Do you have someone in contacts? You ever noticed that if you happen to be in the galaxy when he/she is playing, you get the notifications in right upper corner of the galaxy view? I would suggest to move the exploration messages there. You also see the exploration rewards increasing your key amount without opening the mail so they would really work as notifications.

Well, Colosseum can work with both race and normal challenges because it was used as an arena to make fights and sometimes even races. So I thought it could be perfect object for that. But tell me what object would be good for exploration messages? And daily reward messages? The point is they are just texts so it’s possible to have them in mailbox, but challenges are interactive and they could get an object.

Haha, very funny. Let’s make fun of someone else idea

You still get the mails about exploration rewards you just don’t get the notifications in the upper right corner. Believe me I tried it minute ago on my bootleg account.

Hmm, ur right. It looks like I didn’t notice them for some reason , they indeed still appear. My bad.

Anyways, such option for disabling exploration mails could be a big improvement if it was added.

When you play any of the challenge missions, do you feel like they’re “pushing your limits”?
Seems to me like the challenge missions are no better at “pushing limits” than any other mission or even the episodes.
And if you’re saying that they’re challenges because they have the top 10 list, the episodes have high scores. Are you considering them as “challenges” too?


Maybe moving them to notifications tab? I mean, if you want to disable them then you don’t mind them disappearing after few seconds. And if you disable notifications you also don’t get the notifications about exploring.

Well, not when playing, but when I see the scores of other players I feel offended by it and I want to improve myself.

They are challenges because:

  1. They are called so
  2. They have top10
  3. They test the players
  4. They reward best players (I don’t remember if that’s true)

Well, they can be a challenge, but when you play it for the first time you treat them as a challenge to actually finish it. Also ask Steam, iOS App Store or Google Play players if they even know about the global leaderboards. Go on. In CIU it’s present in the game that this is a Challenge and there’s a global top10. Episodes bought on different platforms don’t have it.


You’re repeating yourself. Maybe add something worthy to the discussion?

“Scientist Walter Bennett, the one with the glasses, has disliked your idea.”

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