Imterdimensional Rifts and parallel dimensions

Now with the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannonade,and Chicken Exponentiality,I think that there is an actual scope for these “weird” bosses apart from just standing out.

Now,with the Easter and Thanksgiving Editions of CI3 and CI4 respectively, we get to view alternate dimensions where it’s other animals slaughtered for food attacking Earth.

Now,I propose:Interdimensional Rifts.

You can find these things somewhere near some systems that are comparatively “weird”,than your normal gameplay.Now this could include things like:

(Credit to @kokokokos for that)

And stuff like turkeys or bunnies or ducks can appear randomly while playing missions in systems around the rift.Oh,and the Egg cannon Cannon Cannon and Expomentiality,so that if you happen to encounter those,you know that you’re near a rift.

Dimensional rifts can only be viewed when you’re in a constellation that houses the rift.

Travelling through rifts,you can travel to a parallel dimension with a different starfield and attack by other species of persecuted farm animals.

Now,in that topic,I suggested that the Galactic Market be removed and everything be moved to Shops.

I suggest moving “better” equipment,like Bombers,and Absolver Beam to be available for purchase to other dimensions exclusively for sale.They also could have unique dimensional currency (hammers?screwdrivers?) so that you still have to make an effort to get them.There could be exchange centers to change your keys for…hammers?

What do you think?


Can’t whormholes kinda do do that?
Right now the Hero can travel in the past (lost in space and time), way not add “otherworld” mission types?

This will also:
Be easier to code
1)Justify insanetly hard bosses (endgame content)
2)Every joke/unfitting idea may have its place (Example:Turkey only mission)
3)Add more endgame variety

Whormole infos may be replaced with something like this:
No data avaiable.
It may be used as a gateway.
When or where is unknown…

This was asked long time ago.
The answer was something like “too much work needed for it, is not worth it”

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What does a dimensional rift look like?

I’m pretty sure it looks like this:


Or like this:
download (6)

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