Change Color Picking in Paint Mode

I think that instead of using a selection of various color hues to color your spaceship how you like, it would be more efficient and intuitive to incorporate an RGB color wheel. While the current selection of colors offers you a lot of customization already, offering about 128 different color choices. However, fully incorporating a color wheel with all necessary features (highlights, etc), players will have access to a whole RGB spectrum of colors when painting their ship. 16777216 colors, to be exact.

This is the color picker as of now.

This is a badly made mockup image to convey my idea. In a more realized version, highlight and alpha would have sliders. You would also be able to see the hex of the color. You could also type in your own numbers and your own hex into the field instead of using the wheel.


Full color picker was already suggested: On the subject of spaceship customisation

This was also suggested few times. I even did it: Paintcode - share your spaceship look

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Very nice Spore inspired image, EA. A Spore mod is actually what gave me the inspiration to try and suggest a color wheel (never knew anyone else already had that idea, sorry about that).

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