Boss Suggestions: Weapon Based Bosses Part 4 of 5

Inspired by Mega Man.
FYI: If a boss seems easy, it’s meant to be THAT easy. If it seems hard, it’s meant to be THAT hard.

These following bosses will always drop the weapon they correspond to, along with food.
They wear a “Superchick” outfit, with the suit colour and emblem corresponding to the weapon type.
Song will depend on WHICH GAME the weapon first appeared.
For example: Ion Blaster would play the CI3 boss theme (because CI1 and CI2 did not have a theme), Photon Swarm would play the CI4 boss theme, and Corn Shotgun would play the CI5 boss theme.

The boss format will be as follows.

Boss Name
What it’s about

Attacks and their names. Can have more than 1.

Zoom Level
Writer’s Note

Now here’s Part 4. You know how this goes by now.

The Nuclear Fission
Hypergun Based Big Chicken

Hypergun: Moves around randomly, only stopping to rapid fire at a rate of 10/s towards the player’s direction for 3 seconds. Does this 3 times.
(Bullet speed is slower at higher diffs.)

Nuclear Reaction: Goes to the middle, and fires FP20 Hypergun Volleys in a 360 motion. This attack will have a warning. (Bullet speed is slower at higher difficulties.)

Radioactive Decay: Goes to the top of the screen, and fires Massive Hypergun bullets downwards, that decrease in size as it travels. Will shoot them in random Directions.
(Will shoot at a faster rate depending on difficulty)

Has a 125% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: I actually had no idea what to suggest for Hypergun, so this one’s actually pretty basic.

The Deceptive Calling
Riddler Based Big Chicken

Riddler: Moves around at the top of the screen. Stops to fire two riddler volleys that go in random directions, 3 times. (Fires 6 bullets for each volley. Up to 13 at a time at higher difficulties)
It fires a Pink volley, and then follow up with the Cyan volley. The Pink volley will fire first, and then the cyan volley will fire 1.5 seconds after the pink. (Delay can be as short as 0.5 seconds)
This attack will be telegraphed. Bullet speed is INSTANT. (Look at “riddler” image for reference)

Duplicate: Splits into two, and then moves in a circular motion. The fake will be slightly more transparent. (Up to 5 clones on higher difficulties) The Fakes can kill the player on contact.
Shooting the real one damage the boss as normal. Shooting a fake will cause them all to rapid fire straight for the player’s position for 2 seconds, after a warning.
They will be fired with a short delay so that the player can outrun it.
If the player survives this attack, all the fakes disappear with a puff of smoke, and the boss will use “Riddler” again.
If the player does not shoot a fake after 10 seconds, the fakes move back into the real one. The boss will then proceed to go back to using “Riddler”.

Has a 125% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: There should be bosses that use the “duplicate” mechanic, honestly. This guy is also quite basic.

The Organic Harvester
Corn Shotgun Based Big Chicken

Corn Shotgun: Works like the Egg Cannonade’s Shotgun, but the bullets are slower. (Delay gets shorter, and bullet speed increases depending on difficulty.)

Burnt Popcorn: Goes to the top of the screen, where it will send corn from the sides of the screen to the top, where they will burst into burning popcorn. The popcorn will kill the player on contact.
The popcorn will fall in random directions, but only 10-15 projectiles can be released from each corn at a time. (Up to 20-30 projectiles on higher difficulties)
It will use a random amount of corn, but a max of 6 times in a row.

Has a 200% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: Where did all the popcorn go? This guy took them all, and he’s a bullet spam type.

All bosses will have just as much health as your typical individual boss.
Part 5 will have a Kirby 64 styled boss. Coming out sometime in 2020.

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