Boss suggestions: Weapon Based Bosses Part 2 of 5

Inspired by Mega Man.
FYI: If a boss seems easy, it’s meant to be THAT easy. If it seems hard, it’s meant to be THAT hard.

These following bosses will always drop the weapon they correspond to, along with food.
They wear a “Superchick” outfit, with the suit colour and emblem corresponding to the weapon type.
Song will depend on WHICH GAME the weapon first appeared.
For example: Ion Blaster would play the CI3 boss theme (because CI1 and CI2 did not have a theme), Photon Swarm would play the CI4 boss theme, and Corn Shotgun would play the CI5 boss theme.

The boss format will be as follows.

Boss Name
What it’s about

Attacks and their names. Can have more than 1.

Zoom Level
Writer’s Note

Now here’s Part 2 of the list!

The Prospering Chaingunner
Vulcan Chaingun Based Big Chicken

Vulcan Chaingun: Moves around randomly, stopping to fire strong Vulcan bullets in their until overheated (that means they get increasingly inaccurate) aimed towards the player’s general direction.
Duration of attack depends on Difficulty. (1 second in 0% diff, up to 4 seconds at max diff.)

Vulcan Machine Gun: Goes to the middle of the screen, and fires double FP10 Vulcan Chaingun volleys in a spiral pattern. This will have a warning.
(One side starts at 90 degrees, the other at 270 degrees. Does this for 1 second at 0% diff, 4 seconds at max diff.)

Has a 125% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: You might notice that “Machine Gun” has no warning. That’s because he already goes to one side of the screen to do the attack, so that should be enough for a warning.

The Circuit Breaker
Lightning Fryer Based Big Chicken

Lightning Fryer: Moves around randomly. 3 simultaneous lightning bolts are fired in the Ice Golem’s style. Telegraphed. Does this 4 times. (Up to 6 bolts depending on difficulty)

Lightning Storm: Moves around randomly, stopping to fire FP20 styled Lightning Fryer volleys towards the player, from it’s wings. This attack is telegraphed. Does it 3 times. (Delay between each attack depends on difficulty.)

Circuit Breaker: Causes the Darkness Effect for the duration of the current attack. Does this with a 20% chance before each attack. Will come with a warning.

Has no Zoom.
Writer’s Note: Took long enough for a “lightning” type boss, hm?

The Fourth Matter
Plasma Rifle Based Big Chicken

Plasma Rifle: Goes to the middle, and fires four Plasma Rifle volleys in a fixed pattern, rotating them Clockwise or Anticlockwise. Lasts 4 seconds.
Direction will be random. The beams will be telegraphed. (Has up to 7 volleys depending on difficulty.)

Plasma Burst: Moves around randomly, stopping to fire 2 simultaneous FP20 styled Plasma Rifles “Bullets” in random directions (up to 4 depending on difficulty). They will cause the “Area of Effect” at where they stop.
Continues moving after the bursts go away. This attack will be FULLY telegraphed, so you know where they stop. Does this 3 times.

Has a 150% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: These attacks are starting to get interesting, eh? Well, the next guy’s not as interesting.

Strong with the Forks
Utensil Poker Based Big Chicken

Utensil Poker: Goes to the middle of the screen, and fires forks in a spiralling pattern for 6 seconds, like how Infini-chicks do it. (Bullet Speed will be slower on higher difficulties)

Royal Flush: Goes to the top of the screen, and shoots down FP10 volleys, moving from one side to another. Always uses the largest spread. The volley’s projectile speed will be random.
(Delay will depend on difficulty. As slow as 3/s, as fast as 6.5/s)

Has a 200% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: I intended to make this guy the hardest of the bunch. I don’t think this might be too hard, considering there’s a 200% zoom. See if anything needs a change.

All bosses will have just as much health as your typical individual boss.
Part 3 will come out within a few days, just not to overwhelm iA with too many bosses at once.

Check out Part 1 here: Boss Suggestions: Weapon Based Bosses Part 1 of 5


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