Boss Suggestions: Weapon Based Bosses Part 3 of 5

Inspired by Mega Man.
FYI: If a boss seems easy, it’s meant to be THAT easy. If it seems hard, it’s meant to be THAT hard.

These following bosses will always drop the weapon they correspond to, along with food.
They wear a “Superchick” outfit, with the suit colour and emblem corresponding to the weapon type.
Song will depend on WHICH GAME the weapon first appeared.
For example: Ion Blaster would play the CI3 boss theme (because CI1 and CI2 did not have a theme), Photon Swarm would play the CI4 boss theme, and Corn Shotgun would play the CI5 boss theme.

The boss format will be as follows.

Boss Name
What it’s about

Attacks and their names. Can have more than 1.

Zoom Level
Writer’s Note

Now here’s Part 3.

The Rocket Propeller
Boron Railgun Based Big Chicken

The starfield will be moving quickly, just like Henlley’s Comet, to make the illusion for how fast the bullets really are. This boss always stays at the top, occasionally sidestepping.

Boron Railgun: Shoots straight for the player’s position. Bullets will be just as fast as they were for the hero. This will have a warning.

Rocket Science: FP20 Boron Volleys will slowly rise up from the bottom of the screen, just like comet chase. They will form a path that the player can navigate through.

Rocket Propellent: The same as “Rocket Science”, except the bullets appear in random positions, and they move as fast as “Boron Railgun”.
This attack will be telegraphed, and the bullets appear in bursts of 3.

Has no Zoom.
The starfield will be moving quickly, just like Henlley’s Comet, to make the illusion for how fast the bullets really are.
Writer’s Note: Fast moving stage for a fast moving projectile.

The Electromagnetic Radiator
Photon Swarm Based Big Chicken

Photon Swarm: Moves around randomly and fires 10 normal photons. These bullets will PURSUE the player for 4 seconds.
The bullet speed will be slower than a BX-9. This has a warning. (Bullet speed will be as fast as a BX-9 depending on difficulty.)

Electromagnetic Field: Will have Photons (both normal and supercharged) surround him to protect him from damage. They can be destroyed by the player’s shots.
It will use these photons like it would for “Electromagnetic Radiation” if not cleared in 15 seconds. This is activated in between attacks.
This will have a warning.

Electromagnetic Radiation: Stops moving to shoot 4 supercharged photons in random directions for 5 seconds. They WILL NOT home in on the player.
This attack will have a warning, to not confuse the player with “Photon Swarm”.
(Fires at 5/s. As fast as 20/s at higher diffs.)

Has a 150% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: Well, this has a mix of bullets that home in on the player, and NOT home in on the player. The other attack does make the boss stop moving so you know it’s not the same attack.

The Subatomic Annihilator
Positron Stream Based Big Chicken

Always stays on top of the screen. Moves side to side at random.

Positron Stream: Summons 4 minions onto the screen. The boss will shoot it’s Positron Streams at them, causing the beam to split. The minions can be destroyed.
They will arrange themselves in a way that can help efficiently split the beams to make them more deadly. The beam’s path will be telegraphed.
(Summons up to 7 minions depending on difficulty.)

Antimatter Burst: Will fire a large Positron Stream Glob at the player’s position 3 times. This attack will come with a warning.
When it reaches it’s destination, the glob will have a short arming time before it bursts into a 4-way Positron Stream. The pattern will be telegraphed.
(Up to a 6-way depending on difficulty. The Arm time is about 5 seconds. Can be as fast as 2 seconds.)

Has a 125% Zoom.
Writer’s Note: Giving this guy a “burst” attack in Antimatter Burst? That’s not something positron stream does. However, this guy might be difficult.

All bosses will have just as much health as your typical individual boss.
Part 4 will have the CI5 weapons. Coming out in the future.

Check out the other parts here:


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