Boss Suggestions: Weapon Based Bosses Part 1 of 5

Inspired by Mega Man

FYI:If a boss seems easy, it’s meant to be THAT easy. If it seems hard, it’s meant to be THAT hard. All bosses are made to be possible for Bombers as well.

These following bosses will always drop the weapon they correspond to, along with food.
They wear a “Superchick” outfit, with the suit colour and emblem corresponding to the weapon type.

Song will depend on WHICH GAME the weapon first appeared.
For example: Ion Blaster would play the CI3 boss theme (because CI1 and CI2 did not have a theme), Photon Swarm would play the CI4 boss theme, and Corn Shotgun would play the CI5 boss theme.

The boss format will be as follows.

Boss Name
What it’s about

Attacks and their names. Can have more than 1.

Zoom Level
Ends with movement style
Writer’s Note

Also: I apologize for not having any visual examples. I’m kinda terrible when it comes to these, so imagine these attacks in your mind.
So let’s get started!

The Protonic Charge
Ion Blaster Based Big Chicken

Ion Blaster: Shoots 3 Ion Blaster bullets (up to 7 depending on diff) every 2.5 seconds straight towards the player (as quick as every 1 second depending on diff). Bullet speed will be as slow as the episode’s Ion blaster, where they start very slow, but accelerate as it moves.

Ion Burst: It will occasionally fire a 360 Ion Blast (kinda like Party Chicken’s 360 attack). This will have a warning.

No Zoom.
Moves around randomly. Stops to use “Ion Blaster”.
Writer’s Note: Simple Pattern for a Simple Boss. Nothing too crazy for him.

The Biological Hazard
Neutron Gun Based Big Chicken

Neutron Gun: Fires FP20 patterned Neutron attacks in a 3/2 pattern towards the player with a 1 second delay between each shot. (fires the 3-spread first, and then the 2-spread).
The attack delay will depend on difficulty. This attack will also be telegraphed. (As slow as a 1 second delay, and as fast as a 0.5 second delay.)

Biohazard Rain: After 3 loops of the “Neutron Gun”, it will use the “asteroid” styled attack, where it will rain down “Strong” Neutrons. (As slow as a 50% asteroid wave in 0% diff, Speed is as fast as a 100% Asteroid wave in max diff.)
This attack will have a warning. Rain Density will be substantially less dense than an actual Asteroid wave.

No Zoom.
It moves around randomly. Goes to the middle to do the “Biohazard Rain”. Only continues moving randomly after the rain has ended.
Writer’s Note: Oh good, he has an “Asteroid” attack. Very original.

The Quantum Physician
Laser Cannon Based Big Chicken

Laser Cannon: Fires FP20 laser cannon volleys in 3 random directions. This will be telegraphed. (Up to 6 directions depending on difficulty). Warning will last 2 seconds. (As short as 0.8 seconds on max diff). No Activation Time for laser strikes. They hit instantly as soon as the delay time is up.

Laser Barrage: Fires three FP3 laser cannon volleys from the screen sides or top. Horizontally and Vertically respectively. (up to 5 depending on difficulty)
This can be used simultaneously with the Laser Cannon. This attack will be telegraphed.
Fires together with “Laser Cannon”.

125% Zoom.
Always stays in the middle.
Writer’s Note: Yeah, he’s not too interesting. How much can you do with an attack that only strikes instantly?

I’ll upload part 2 another time. I don’t want to give iA too many at once.

For iA: If you do decide to add these bosses… Modify them in what way you want, and we’ll see if anything needs a change, but I suggest making them as described for now

Edit from 2022: I changed the title slightly to make it match the other parts.


I would say the Laser Cannon based one is boring as Henperor Apprentice.



At least there’d be something new if it’s added, I guess

While I think that this idea is good and that the game needs more bosses, I think that we don’t need a boss for every weapon but a boss that uses some weapons


Something like the antihero that a lot of people asked
New boss idea: The Rebel (reworked)

I suggest to make their “hair” differently colored too

Simple boss for a simple weapon

Sincerally the rain attacks seems uninspired.
What about make the boss place a toxic cloud every 2 seconds?

Name doesn’t fit the weapon

Agree with akemisora, this boss seems boring

I suggest an # -shaped pattern similar to this:

P.s I messed some things with that account… Can you tell me wich name of the channel areyou seeng? Thanks


cool idea, hinanawi but, can you tell us more? like health?

Epic design. I hope that there will be a riddler based big chicken soon, as well

I guess the most interesting is Vulcan and Photon based, homing attack? Come on!

I already have those ones planned out actually, I just didn’t want to post too many at once because I didn’t want to intimidate iA with too many details

Vulcan has a bullet spam.
Photon has bullets that pursue the player.

Eh, I want them to stick with their weapons only. Not use something else that Neutron Gun doesn’t have. (I know Neutron Gun can’t use the rain attack though, but that’s still using Neutron Gun.)

Yeah, I know. At least see if he can implement that first.

This actually sounds good.

But he’s already got the “Laser Barrage”…

Just an FYI:

Well, if ya’ll think anything needs a change, suggest em here. I’ll consider them part of the idea as well :+1:
But try to keep within what the bosses are capable of with what they’re meant to be using.
(example: Don’t suggest a “Spoon” or “Plate” attack for Utensil poker Chicken, because he’s supposed to only be using what Utensil Poker has. Sorry Stardrone for that “gas” attack because that’s not a part of the Neutron Gun weapon itself)


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