An unfortunate U.C.O. encounter

@InterAction_studios Can the arms of the ufos be destroyed? It would be an interesting touch.

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That’s a great idea for a new boſs.


in fact since ci3 and ci4 with the ufos and crabs he wanted that his arms could be destroyed would be an interesting mechanic

in which level this boss ?

None as of yet, the U.C.O.s will be added in a later update (possibly 9.1, I guess).

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Are… you… guys… crazy?
If so, I LOVE IT!
Might be kind of hard, though.

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Is this from one of the currently locked Boss Rush missions :thinking:. Because if you look at the lower left corner it’s 2/21 of the waves and it’s already a boss wave. Also great remaster with the textures & effects

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Maybe that’s how boss waves should be on harder missions with SSH…

Dodge skill level MAXIMUM

upcoming epic wave

Look at the bugs and upcoming features post, it says that they remastered the yolk laser beams and red beams from u.c.o. that must be a hint that they are all coming in the next update :smile:.

Also i forgot. Look at the timer 8:30! Does this type of bosses take so much time? And what was the first boss? I am confused right now.

2 wave…
Next update will unlock New Generation of Missions !?

No, probably super-duper star heroin difficulty.

@InterAction_studios What program do you use for 3D modelling?

take away all my firepower then it’ll be a fair fight, muhuhahahahah

did anyone even encounter the more than 1 UCO boss?

or this was just a joke

I assume it was a joke. But I did find a boss rush with 4 U.C.O.s in a row.

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all U.C.O’s