A crazy way to bring back Holiday content

So, I’m already aware that Holiday editions will likely NEVER come out for CIU (considering the size of the game), although it has been rumored that they may be a benefit of the Chicken Hunter License, or be activated by time (meaning that when a specific time arrives, that holiday will activate), I recently had a rather crazy idea to bring holidays back, in a rather wacky and unique way.


The concept of this idea would be to make holidays mountables, but in a similar way to how you can mount music, backgrounds and skills. This concept is mostly on how some players may not want to play with a specific holiday (if they get activated by time), so this should be a way to fix that.

After purchasing a holiday, it would be activated for that mission, activating a holiday would change:

  • The music (Example: Christmas holiday would change the tunes into their counterparts)
  • The starfield (either an unique one or the chosen one tinted)
  • The enemies and bosses
  • Some wave names (Example: Thanksgiving would change all mentions of Chicken to Turkey)


Every holiday would cost the same (roughly 250 keys, of course, if iA decided to implement this idea, then feel free to change the cost), mostly to not discriminate. :slightly_smiling_face:

With the holidays that we have already, the icons would be:

  • Christmas: A snowflake
  • Easter: An easter egg
  • Thanksgiving: Either a pumpkin, a slice of pie, a leaf or a turkey
  • Halloween: A ghost or a jack-o-lantern (or just the face of one)

And yeah, these would be available for cheaper prices on the Aftermarket, but I think there should also be an unique system related to these.

For any new potential holidays, icons for these would be:

  • Valentines Day: A heart
  • CI Anniversary: A party hat or cake
  • St. Patrick’s Day: A clover


This would be adhered to the server date and time (credit to @VerMishelb for the suggestion), similarly to the message system. In this case, a holiday would go on discount (meaning come for much cheaper) on a specific time. (Example: Christmas would be cheaper on December, but regular price the rest of the year, same for the others but for their respective months)


The biggest problem with this idea would be the time-consuming process of creating new assets, which would make this idea likely be saved for a near-future period. I fully understand, after all, this is just another idea.

As for time, the time for the discounts should be global based (time), so to avoid players from setting time back or forward or changing the time zone to get the discounts sooner or longer, that way, it would be fair for everyone (all credit goes to @VerMishelb for the suggestion)


It matters to me. So, if you think this idea needs improvements or must be changed in some form, please reply with your suggestions. Additionally if you’ve got any ideas for new holidays, please let me know!

On the @InterAction_studios side of things, bringing this idea to reality would be rather complicated, an example of what could be done is to add the holidays one by one, and even though that may be more space-consuming, hey, it’s worth it, right?

Please let me know your opinion, other ways you WOULD bring Holiday content back, suggestions, anything else! Anyway, thanks for reading.


Sincerally i’m not a great fun of the editions, since I prefer the regular games
By the way IA already said that in universe some holiday content may arrive (i really hope for a candy shooter for xmas)
Maybe only a return of the boss reskins may be sufficent


Your suggestion for boss reskins sounds like a good one.

But regarding your first statement, this concept would be completely optional for most players (ie: Don’t want holiday content? Don’t buy or don’t equip, it’s as simple as that)

Now, I know that holiday content might be added in the future, this idea is how I interpretate it would be added.

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How about " Use holiday content" in installer or 2 versions of the game where it is impossible to use installer like mobile or steam? This option will download holiday content and when it’s needed it will change everything you said above. Othervise it will show main version of everything. And you mustn’t buy it from shop or EA will come.

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Well, that sounds interesting, but I’m unable to wrap my head around it.

Means, it would make things rather confusing.

You made my day :slight_smile:

About discounts and other things based on data: It would be better if the game will use server time. You can change your PC time easy.

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Good idea

what about if valentines come as a brand new holiday content on CIU too?


Yeah, I had that same idea

And the last thing, but I am not sure about this one: people could set their time (like GMT+3 for me), but only once a year to exclude ability to make discounts longer during holiday.

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Seems interesting, listed (or something similar to that)

And how about “Another year with UHF!” medal so players can see how long other people in game? With every game birthday this medal will be given to players who did some(this star again, help me) easy tasks to get it? Tasks need to ensure that player is playing the game.

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That’s not related to Holiday content, or my idea, but I like it

No, it IS related in some sort.

That is specifically the anniversary of the Chicken Invaders franchise, in general

While having I’m neutral to the shop, if we are going to have them seasonal by time, just make them on/off in game, because let’s say you didn’t want it for a time, and you would have to look around through game files and uninstall them yourself… just a hassle really.


I didn’t wrote about it, sorry. Some people want to save some space so they could install no-content version while others must have an ability to disable it.