Early Access version 52

I think this was mostly avoided as some weapons could never overheat then, making it abusable by autofarming bots or smth, but now that corn exists, I could see it happening - an effect that benefits the player could be pretty healthy for the game as it could potentially get new players out of “spawned in a hard area” situations.


So. Let’s check if there is any demand. I would like to have a special mission with them.

Do you want IA to create a special mission with all new waves?

  • Yes
  • No
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I had encountered all the new waves although not on all difficulty variations. Probably when a new set of waves come, then this would suffice.

I meant that the life bar does not disappear on egg cannon cannon cannonade once the small explosion part comes before the egg cannonade explodes completely. On the henterpirse, it disappears once the small explosion part comes before it explodes completely. If you still don’t understand me, Here are the videos showing the difference (I hope you understand what i mean):

There’s no need for the mini-healthbar to be moved if bosses will no longer have those in the first place.

I mean the life bar does not disappear once the small explosion of egg cannonade comes. Henterprise has the life bar disappearing immediately after the small explostion part comes.

  • :bug: “HUD Enemy Health Indicator” removed bars from most bosses and enemies that already have alternate bars (Gatling, Barriers) (@minasam123 @trueuser @xXmlgDiegoXx :medal_sports: Bug)

You suggested it to be removed on bosses, right? Why fix when it will be removed eventually?


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@InterAction_studios The yolk star come only from up and down and the egg cannon from right and left .Can you make them come from all directions sometime ?
Witch The yolk star will come sometime from right or left and the egg cannon from up or down.

I can’t imagine fighting the Yolk-Star™ with 7 turrets horizontally.

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There will no space to move. Don’t forget the laser gets wider the farther it travels.

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Would that make Egg Cannon easier? Since you got lots of space to move

nice update!
But please add the musics of other chicken invaders seasons like CI3,CI4,and CI5 Christmas editions at next update.
Because they are extremely enjoyable and… Cool !

Already suggested. A crazy way to bring back Holiday content


I think the middle zone of The Fortress wave should be expand a bit, because weapons with powerful knockback like Riddler, Corn Shotgun, Absolver Beam,… can blast your ship straight into the barrier once you fire them, and the gap is rather small for bombers to actually dodge bullets and shoot stuffs and due to their hitbox and some weapons knockback, you’ll have a small chance to survive that wave if you’re using a bomber


Barriers will be replaced by ball barriers in the next update. Let’s see how it will go. recoil buffer when?

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In light of this, could you alſo bring back the 2 item drop limit on non-competitive miſſions? Right now the game ſpams gifts.

This limit has never been lifted. It used to be a common counter between atoms (max 1) and gifts (max 2), but now they’re held separately. If anything, this improves atom appearance because it’s impossible for a preceding gift to block a subsequent atom from spawning. Also, atoms take precedence over gifts when deciding drops.

Perhaps it was just an unlucky RNG streak?


What do you think of the Super Ultra Ultimate Darkness Mission? You have to rely on your hearing.