CIU contribution medals (implemented ideas ONLY)

I don’t know if the firſt one here actuälly counts, but it ſeems to have been implemented:

And then, of courſe, there’s the medal:

EDIT: Oh, my callſign is Traveller.

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The mission completion mark could be part of my idea here:

But perhaps it was based of something else.

I also brought up the issue with sun ray sides at Environment visual break/no-likey, although I don’t know how major that was, and if rather I should get a bug or a idea medal (if at all).

EDIT: This one is a bug, didn't see the other topic yet.

And does this bug count? Wierd bug - #6 by Davoid

Sorry if I’m a bit stretching it :S
If you do decide to reward me with a medal my account is called Davoid, like my forum name.

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Oops, wrong place.

Alright, since a couple of my medal ideas are in game, i think I’m able to get the “Great Minds Think Alike” medal. Here’s my ideas.

nickname in game: matix524

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Hide Player locations, though the original post isn’t mine

Exact numbers for various data

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I think this one similar to what you have done:

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It was mine, but I don’t think that it’s been implemented.

But it has?

Has it?

My mistake. When I saw “Hide Player locations”,I just assumed that the post was about the option to disable players’ asterisks(for the whole map,I mean)

Oh, I forgot:

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The electric fence invincibility bug:

Boss rush mission custom music bug:

The two above as far as a remembered, and having a response on IA. I had the same callsign in-game.

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As far as I know this is my only implemented idea

Collasign: Stardrone


My in-game callsign RoboCat

Additional Information (My coordinate and my ship)


Apple Core

disputable (probably NO):


My callsign is Berker95

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Has that actuälly been implemented?

I’m not sure between “In-game implemented” or “Implemented in a topic”

It needs to be implemented in the game. I’m not even sure what you mean with that second thing

Idk, but sorry for that.