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I suggest to add a option called “Edition” just like “Skill”, “Background” and “Music”, it appears when the player is about to fly a mission, it lets you chose which edition you want to be on you mission, like Christmas Edition, Easter Edition, Thanksgiving Edition and Halloween Edition, of course every edition will be in the store to buy and unlock it.

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That’s a spam

What do you mean??

Spamming: create topics or post that have the same content

We have something like that on Christmas when every chicken is santa and snowfall on main menu with Xmas music, do you really want more?

I want like when selecting an edition some stuff changes like graphics music etc…

It’s not actually spam because all three topics discuss separate ideas and therefore don’t need to all be combined. I can see a possible argument for merging the music topic with this but even that is a distinct suggestion.

So I think it’s fine as-is.


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Going on-topic, this was already suggested.

I hope that it will be added soon.

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