Early Access version 56


Well sorry about it, but i suggested also some backgrounds to be added

but in cover to cover the barriers are always destroyable, so it’s play both sides

How about you check this then :wink:

No, not the first 2 lines.

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the first lines isn’t inclinded tho

What am I saying is that there are barriers that are not destroyable, so there’s a chance the bug be in it.

First time suggested is here:

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at both of the bottom right and left there is 2 undestroyable barriers and they aren’t as Xbendy’s image so it’s play both sides

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Actually, It IS play both sides

wait but the guy didn’t say backgrounds in his idea post

I did and maybe you are right, it could be Play Both Sides, (you know what? How about we wait for xBendy instead of assuming?)

Well ok but not so sure if he gonna reply, most of them forum users is here for some problems and they go inactive

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Yeah, i’m tired of assuming falsely.

yeah, at least I can screenshot on borderless and windowed mode tho. It just doesn’t work on fullscreen mode only. it wasn’t happening before this update for fullscreen mode :/.

I missed this in the patch notes.

I need to play, now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see how many auto-uses you have left.

Bottom left


Coolant, especially, feels like a strange one not to make visible.

Maybe an auto-use HUD mountable, if we don’t want those values to always be displayed?


Don’t know about what do I say but 2 of them is offline the long time I see when I join the UHF


None :joy:

uhm not really, because this was a surprise

Aadi is carrying Alexstyle :laughing:

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LOL :joy: