Your first and last Idea!

My perpose of creating of this topic is that , talking about diffrece of now and past.
I have had many memories since I became a member of the association. When I gave my first idea, I was really a kid. Here you can see my first and last posts.

The first post has 6 likes and the last post has 27 likes! When I was a new member, I could not speak English and used Google Translate. I was not very familiar with the rules. I behaved like a child (of course, I have not received a single flag so far!)
Over time, I progressed in the community, reached the level of trust 3 and learned the behavior in a community (I also learned English!). Now I am a relatively popular person in the community and have made many friends!
I wanted to thank IA for creating this site and forum that made all these events and memories happen.
Now it’s your turn! What has happened to you since you became a member of the association? Tell us so we can read your story!
Special thanks to InterAction_studios and all the members of the community!


I remember this was my first idea

First idea by ThisIsChristianF

But I can’t remember my last idea

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“I have no idea”

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my first idea: Message idea

upgraded version (what i had in mind while writing the one above)

Email-like in-game

latest idea: Satellites customization (i tried to mimic the @.ScarletCuboids style, sorry)


my first idea: knife blaster
my last idea: idk

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My First Idea: Froze-Hen (Enemy)
My Latest Idea: Thief Chicks (Enemy) may be a “Theif” mispell but IDC

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Tbh, I like to post an Idea or Bug in Early Access topic.

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