Breed Idea - Theif Chicks (Enemy)

Oh boy, it’s that time again that I have made another idea! This one could do a little bit more trickier for score collecting… :smiling_imp: Unless you don’t care about score, so you don’t have to worry about it. Anyways, here is a new idea that is a chick!


What Does it Do?
This enemy is a chick-type, and it has very low health, but a very quick speed, so you might have to catch and defeat it if there are coins dropping! When the enemy detects a coin that appears from anything, it will run into a quick pace and then steal the coin away from the recruit itself, however the coin does not heal, nor buff it.

Other Stuff
Well when I was trying to find anything that were original so I don’t just rip something off, I don’t see anything that is similar to this idea, except more original. So I decided to do a little bit of a trick to add this thing. So what do you think of this idea?


Is this like it gonna steal your: keys, atoms (firepowers), gifts and chicken nuggets?


No, they only steal coins dropped from anything.

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