Breed Idea - Froze-hen (Enemy)

Hello, and this is my first topic that I’ve posted, so here it is. Introducing Froze-hen! An elite-class chicken that can only spawn in cold planets. It does not drop their eggs, except when you kill it, it will release a gas that could slow you down. (Probably like the toxic chicken except the gas is different and it does not kill you)

Image and Stuff
Ice Chicken
What do you think of this idea? I’ve looked around the forum and there was already cold planet ideas on this forum. This image shows a quick concept of it (Just a blue chicken with a frozen head!) I also made a pun of that name being “Frozen” and “Hen.”


Is this a boss or an enemy? If its a boss, then the attack will be frozen chicks

The title says “Breed Idea,” So it is an enemy.

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Cool, but I think it almost resembles a coward chicken

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True but i like idea of new chicken

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I litteraly made this idea months ago.
I like your version

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