At last , The henperor himself!

Hello there!
I have an idea about henperor (that people in discord server was looking for it )
I know some people tell this idea before, but my idea is the most balanced boss.
We have seen the henpire forces and his apprentice many times.
Then let’s add henperor!

Attak Steps :

Attacking of him has 3 parts ( of course 1 & 2 are the same ).

Part one :

Step one :

he comes up and turns on his saber.
Step two :

he spins his sabers and goes to left up corner
Step three :

he comes to the center of the page and shoots zap, in direction of his body and ship, 4 times.
Aaaaah, I could not take screenshots in part one of zap.

Then return…

Part two :

It’s the same part one but he loses one of his sabers.

Part three :

Step one :

he comes to the center of the page and shoots 8 rays of electricity ( just like his apprentice );
Step two :

he goes to the left up corner and shoots two rays of electricity to right.

Then return…

Music :

about music I must say there are 3 kinds of music :
part one : low
part two : medium
part three : high

Video :

For you to understand better. (IA Please be sure to watch this video )

I hope you like it and enjoy playing it
Download from here : Darth - Google Drive
I spent weeks on this project, so please support me by liking this post.
Do you want it ???

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Thank you very very much.


why not forksaber:


making a playable fangame in order to demonstrate the boss idea is cool

can this attack be dodged by flying above the boss (if you don’t go under it in time)?


The Henperor henself!


If we will ever get an Henperor boss fight, I think it should be a glorification of all the franchise and not a star wars reference.

Anyway the suggested boss is a good one


Seems pretty cool. And god damn, you even made a playable demo. You’re probably the first one to do that too, so you get extra credit from me for that.

If what you see in that demo is what you get if the boss actually is a thing, then the first phase with the spinny sabers might be a problem. If you do not go to a safer spot before he finishes doing his lightning strikes, then you might just get slashed with no way out.
Other than that, everything’s fine.

(also nice, you used Gamemaker Studio)

Comments for your game:
hahaha overdrive go brrrrrrrr
There’s no spawn protection…
Crashing into the guy does no damage


Ooh, Star Wars-related, me likey!

That aside, this boss idea is actually great!

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luke is recruit and vader is henperor

I did it with the egg launcher superweapon and the CIU GUI.

Ah, also with @Sufi’s Boron Railgun.

Other people did too:

That’s everything I found.

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Yes , as you can see in video

This should definitely get added. This topic deserves much more attention. The fact that you made an entire mini game just to show the boss is just way too cool.

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