Weapons Concepts

Mainly made to discuss weapon in the Chicken Invaders Francise and possibly Chicken Invaders Universe.

Any weapon from any Chicken Invaders game, ranging from the classic ion blaster to the more sophisticated satelites such as the Microgun and Barbequer can be discussed here.

Maybe some new weapon concepts maybe discussed here as well as improved mechanism for combat against the chicken masses?!

EDIT: The community might be able to concentrate their specific ideas on weapons in this post.


Ion blaster deserves a rework


I think Ion Blaster is perfectly fine as it is. It already has too many versions (green bullets in CI1, yellow bullets in Flash games, red bullets since CI2).

EDIT: I’ve reposted my weapon ideas in a separate thread here.


I can think of a weapon called random, which fires a projectile from each weapon. here examples: random%20L20

random (:zap:20)

What do you think?


Egg launcher is a really cool idea. I’ve always thought of ideas about your own weapons killing you if you are spam happy about them. My only concern is how it would work on ommi-directional waves

Eggs would behave similarily to food items or Gifts in this scenario, that is, they would be fired from your spaceship in the direction it’s facing, then they would fall in the opposite direction.

i can think of a weapon called Lava Canon which fires some type of a laser contains lava and it can do %2 damage for the bosses here is an example :

Lava Canon Gift


It sound kind of similar to the barbequer satelite though.But good concept art.

It have so many weapons avaible in the chicken invader francise that it might be suitable to make a weapon drop that, when acquired, would give you one of the set of weapon avaible.The gift box would be a rainbow signifying its randomness.

An example might be suitable.Lets say you have the vulcan chaingun and you collect this present you can get any weapon in the game, even if you cannot get access to the weapon due to restrictions.

It might be suitable to get this for keys.

This weapon called “Ice Blaster”
Small ice cube can freeze chicks ,and freeze chickens can do it too by shooting it twice
Big ice cube can freeze chickens but except chickenaut and bosses
Ability:30% less of overheat
Ice Blaster (:zap: 1)
Ice Blaster (:zap: 2)
Ice Blaster (:zap: 10)
Ice Blaster (:zap: 20)
Ice Blaster Gift


LOL thats amazing weapon good stuff


Not an idea for a new weapon, but a suggestion for improving an old one - how about including the feature to change the color of the Ion Blaster’s projectiles, since they already have three different colors?


red :zap:0-9
yellow: :zap:10-19
green: :zap:20-more

something like that?

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actually I was thinking about allowing us to choose the color, like how we could customize our spaceship in ci5 (ik we won’t be able to customize spaceships in ciu, but i think this would be simpler to implement than customization)


it’s like editing the color of the weapons: a green neutron gun (an example)


Exactly, damn straight


This is my first weapon concept. It’s called bubblegun and just like after the name the gun will shoot bubbles. The weapon will be automatic, so you only have to hold down the left mouse button. At firepower 0, the weapon will shoot a small amount of bubbles (about 5), and the speed of the weapon will also be slow. With the increase of firepower, the weapon will be faster and will issue more and more bulbs. The weapon will overheat slowly. Unfortunately, I was unable to make a gift concept, so I will write how it will look. The gift will have a Violet-magenta color. However, I managed to make a concept of a weapon, but it is of poor quality. I hope that you liked my concept. Thank you for reading. To hear. herobubblegun


Itis a good idea as it would be useful to know who ship is who if, let say, 4 player now start the game and did not customise the ship but only the weapon colour and play a game with all having the same weapon.It could be used like that in a challenge if possible.

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I was thinking about weapon variants.It can be unlocked with keys and it would change the weapon’s into something similar but completed new.Let say you have the ion blaster but you have the variant selected the weapon shoots could be stronger but it would have a different colour and lets say less spread.

Also the introduction of weapon upgrade system where each weapons can be upgraded to add to more variety and in general more stuff to do.

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Hello. I come today with another weapon idea. This weapon is called Asteroid gun. The weapon will shoot asteroids when you click the left mouse button.Weapon will be automatic, but manual fire will be faster. I made the concept of this weapon (sorry for poor quality of photos) and will show it to you now.


Weapon on Firepower 0


Weapon on Firepower 5


Weapon on Firepower 10


Weapon on Max Power

I hope you enjoyed my concept. Anyway, have a nice day!