Bubble Gun

is this the nerfed corn shotgun?

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Maybe,maaaybe not…

In my opinion, not every weapon has to have unique mechanics. I’d just like some variation with weapons.

There are already several weapons that are similar to each other. I hope we won’t get to see too many of these in ciu…

I feel like a ſimilar weapon was propoſed a few months back, but I’m not ſure.

I already made that idea before. Weapons Concepts - #17 by matix524

Yep,it’s like a stolen idea.

Hey, that’s because there are no small counterparts of the Corn Shotgun projectiles, so the big projectile would deal 400 damage if it hits the enemy. On the other hand, if it was the small projectile who hit the enemy, then it would deal 200 damage in combat, so if at the same time there are small and big bubbles and a bubble hit the enemy before the other, it could have dealt 600 damage.

Cool. I still don’t see how that’s supposed to be relevant at all.

@cook1ee Either way I agree that the weapon is a bit too similar to the Corn Shotgun. But I have a couple of ideas:

  1. You could randomise the velocity a bit so that each bubble moves at a slightly different speed.
  2. You could add an AoE upon impact. When the bubble hits an enemy, it bursts and deals 50% of the base damage to everything in a small area.

I have changed the weapon in a way that its more inaccurate now, so more damage will be acceptable. AoE is also interesting. But all in all, @matix524 suggested it first



Yeah,but that’s the point! That’s why it’s a worse version of corn.

Don’t say “worse version” cus i really hate something that’s worse. Try “weaker version” instead.

How about “more uſeleſs verſion”?

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Good idea,traveller.

Wouldn’t that kinda imply that the Corn Shotgun itself is useless, though?


Tbh,corn shotgun is pretty useful,if you ask me

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Looks a bit better. :neutral_face: