Weapon Reskin Library... V2.0!

700+ items.

How much has been covered?

It’s not really about cracking the game’s code since the code is in CIU.exe and the game files are in separate archives (CIU.dat.hq2x, CIU.dat.language.v2.hq2x and CIU.dat.shaders.hq2x)

Ah, sorry. I misunderstood. But point still stands. It would be nigh impossible that someone would manage to edit the workings of the games and even if that does happen, they would get kicked out of the server and the report would go to iA as in the case of the weapon excels. So CIU won’t be at major risk of having the data values of enemies and other things tampered with easily.

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It isn’t bad, but it’s rather funny

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@Kylo-Hen Hm, by the way, why not add polls of series 2 reskins on this topic?

Yes, indeed, it just became popular so easily in a month.

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I don’t know if that would really provide very useful information.

BTW everyone, this isn’t a general mod discussion topic, it’s for the reskins! :wink:


Yo Kylo, can I bring some skin suggestions?

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You’re absolutely welcome to - you can even post your own designs, if you want!

I’m not currently updating the Library with new content, though, so don’t expect them to get added to the main post. But feel free to share!


@Kylo-Hen Can you add mad painter, on the cob and absolvar beam mod? Please.

Impossible. The issue is that those reskins will need to use in game code to function, which only iA has. So if iA decides to add the reskins in the near future then you may have a chance to see them. (seriously, now please don’t nag iA to add the skins. he has a life too.)




SpryterTerraxian is correct.

That said, if you want a weapon that changes colour with every shot, you can always check out “Sweet Corn”. :wink:


Some weapon skins of @Kylo-Hen


But the Absolver’s texture is monochrome


How can you modded corn? Please give me this mod.

Which modded corn?

You mean the one I mentioned above? It’s included in the Reskin Library, just download that and follow the instructions. @SOLAR actually is using that very skin in a screenshot above, although unfortunately they haven’t heated it to the popcorn stage, where it really gets cool. :wink:


This…Weapon Fury #7 (Corn Shotgun)

But that was just for fun, I already deleted the files

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