Veteran of the Army

Yep, here it comes my third boss idea, the Veteran of the Army. How does it work? How does it look like? How dangerous can this Big Chicken be as opposed to the regular Sarge?


Let’s begin with the stance of this Chicken. It looks like a complete recolor of the Military Chicken, aside from the grenades. Combined with a few ideas from Heavy Weapon Deluxe and you’ve got the Veteran of the Army.

The base stats are following:
HP: 150,000
Resistant to: Positron Stream, Absolver Beam
Vulnerable to: Lightning Fryer (+Shockwave Capacitor)
Rewards: A gimmick (Sorry, no image for this one) would be introduce so it drops one green grenade every time it gets damaged by 20% (20%, 40%, 60% and 80%, just like the Space Crab) and that grenade will explode into an atomic powerup. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I can imagine that happening. As for its termination, at least 10 drumsticks and a “super size me!” burger would do it, alongside the fifth powerup, and finally, about 100,000 points.
Zoom: 150%

Optional costumes: If it ever happens to be added into the game and something like the Christmas Edition comes, just make it dressed like Santa, but keep the military texture so we won’t confuse it with the Infini-Chick twins. Have that as a reference.

Attacks: And now comes the most fun part!

  1. Hen’s Eye (instead of Bull’s Eye)
    This is the first stage of the first attack, where the boss moves around the screen and prepares its pistol.
    This is the second stage of that first attack, the pistol is used to shoot directly at the player at fast speeds, 18 times. The lower the difficulty, the slower the projectiles are.
    This is the third and last stage of the first attack, the pistol being thrown, to the point where it’s off-screen, then falls down, and then goes off-screen where it won’t return unless the attack is started again. It will also be thrown directly at the player, and the rules are the same: the higher the difficulty, the faster the projectile goes.
  2. Grenade Throwdown
    This has only one stage, where the boss glows red three times, and then throws eight grenades. Obviously the speed has to be much lower in the final version than in the image because realistically only a god can dodge them, unless if you were to stay in the top corners. This is also my favorite attack purely because of the representation!
  3. Knife Swarm
    A knife swarm that is sent over 6 times. This causes an invulnerability moment for the boss as the knives will block the weapon projectiles. The lower the difficulty, the less frequently the knife swarms appear.
  4. Knife Takedown
    Three knives are being thrown (Two in easier difficulties and five in harder difficulties). On a thankful note, it will not throw knives more than three times here, and the knives are relatively slow. They still increase in speed by difficulty, but not as much.
  5. EN GARDE!
    Jokes aside, the boss will take out a pair of knives and summons two enemies of the same kind. At best, it will summon Assassin Chicks, and the harsher the difficulty, the worse the summoned enemies are, and here are some other suggestions besides the Gatling Chick:
    Two Chickenauts, two Armored Chickens, two Metal Suit Chickens, two Toxic Chickens, two Pilot Chickens, two Coward Chickensm and in the absolute worst case, spawning actual Big Chickens, but that would required extra hard work.

The last part comes in, and that’s the quips. I sadly don’t have anything in my mind for that so if you want, add one in this topic.

Here are my other two boss ideas:

  1. Obi-Wan Chickenobi
  2. Heavy Metal Chicken

A bit like Elite Military Chicken. Very good idea!
If he throws red grenades, he must also wear red grenades.


Also logic
Also also logic


if it’s boring, why did you get into this topic?


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