Captain Featherbeard

This, ladies, gentlemen and non-binary people, is my fourth boss idea! If you want to see the others…

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Alright, let’s begin with the outfit of this boss.
An aged chicken, with a pseudobeard, dressed similar to that of a Sweater Chicken, but its clothes won’t ever be taken off.

Yes, I’ve designed a minion version as well, and it looks much like this:
A bit simple, indeed. Actually, why does it look like a French soldier?

Optional costumes: The Christmas edition gives a Christmas hat colored appropriately to both the minion and the boss.

The entrance? Well, I did make an animation of it, but sadly, it doesn’t seem to accept it, so I’ll just send a frame of it and then use it to further describe it.

As you can see, 9 chickens will come into the screen, then glow into some small white stars and unite to form a larger star, that turns into the boss.

Well, now for the attacks.

  1. Circle Clutch
    A basic egg attack, throwing eggs in 8 directions. This repeats 7 times, because seven is the lucky number for the verse from “Sweet Dreams” (I travel the world and the seven seas).

  2. Captain’s Orders (or The Mighty Brood)
    Again, the first animation doesn’t work, so I’ll post an image and use it for a description.

    A group of 15 chickens come near Captain Featherbeard and form one of the six shapes that are seen in the next animation, in order to defend their boss.
    This lasts for only about 2-4 seconds, before the chickens descend. I haven’t thought exactly, but they either go after the player, similar to the Terminator Chickens, or they just go down.
    Yes, like this.

  3. Sword Flash
    Another attack whose animation doesn’t work. I’ll use two images instead of one to describe it.

    Part 1: Captain Featherbeard gets to the player and swings his sword towards him, either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the position of the player. This could pose a danger to slow bombers.

    Part 2: After the swing, a flash of the sword will come out of the main body and swings in the same way at a faster rate, then bounces or goes around the screen, only then to leave the screen descending.

  4. Beam Cycle
    Yet another attack whose animation doesn’t work, but it’s similar to the Henperor’s Apprentice’s main attack…

    Part 1: Captain Featherbeard gets a glowing effect, preparing his attack…

    Part 2: The attack proceeds with the marking of the four beams.

    Part 3: The beams appear, and they rotate 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees (could be even more!) on either side, and then they dissolve.

As for the other stats…
HP: 180,000
Resistant to: Corn Shotgun and Bird-Flu Gun
Vulnerable to: Positron Stream and Absolver Beam
Zoom: Either 100% or 150%
Gimmicks: Every time it loses 20% of his HP, 6 minions plus a few more depending on the increment come in and try to attack the player or defend their boss. An atomic powerup will also drop.
-20% - 6 minions
-40% - 9 minions
-60% - 12 minions
-80% - 15 minions

At death, instead of the fight officially ending, either 16 minions spawn, 4 Chickenauts spawn, or 2 regular Big Chickens spawn.

With all that in mind, you’ll definitely get a bunch of drumsticks and maybe even a few entire plates of chicken meat and burgers, 5 atomic powerups and hundreds of thousands of points.

Finally, the quips…and I’ve thought of only one for the hero when the battle ends.

Ayy, matey, yerr ship has just crashed.


I can see that you made an effort, I like it very much, I like ideas with bosses, yours has even more attacks than Henotizer. In short: epic work!

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Thank you!

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You’re welcome, good luck with your next ideas, you can even ask me for help. :smile:

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I won’t hesitate!


Remind me to @Captain


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