Ultimate list of ideas by matix524


If I remember from the movie, it shoot a yellow laser beam. Yeah, I forgot to mention what it’ll shoot.

It looks broken. Jokes aside, the laser attacks would go crazy (be direct, short, long, confusing, weird, odd, not explainable, out of bounce, red, glitched out.) Got it?

what about lawyer chicken or chicken in dress suit ? which one sounds better

Well, it’s one by one.

Yes. That’s what I meant.

It’s not a mission without a danger and adrenaline.

I got inspired by AC: Origins. And uh… idk… if the planet is yellow it has sand??? (lol)

Idk. Ok, that was random actually.

Both. And no. They don’t shoot because they’re broken.

Okay, this question is kinda hard. Minimal length for these missions would be 8-10 waves. Well, the mission will end, if we kill a boss and during this boss fight we ARE at MAX speed. Like I said, minimal length for these missions would be 8-10 waves.

Yeah when we are zoomed in , the bigger debris come at us. Something like in CI3 chapter 5. We encounter bigger comets, and with progression, comets are becoming smaller.

Aimed, of course. And don’t worry. When the boss slows down, it WON’T shoot lasers. You just have to avoid debris.

Opinions are important. They show how much do you like or dislike someone’s art, music, movie, etc,etc…
I’m happy that you enjoyed my ideas. It means a lot.

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Thank you for your answers (:

Yeah, I guess, but something like pulsating grid. If the speed is too high, you just won’t be able to keep up or make any precise movements. Same goes with similar waves or one’s with a ton of projectiles.

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As it’s from a movie, it might not be original enough.

huh… HUH… You have really good ideas. I very like this! Particularly the weapon and boss ideas.

But i think they not will use them. ( and please this time dont come arrogant, scornful human shields to protect the nothing ok?)

Really good work! Keep it up!

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There’s always one light of hope. They might be added to the game, but they could be changed as I described.

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I really hope :slight_smile:

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Yeah, your ideas is very incredible and fantastic, but there’s a problem…
This game was made by taking idea from Star Trek and Star Wars so maybe the dev will not bring some of your idea in to the game
Btw, I very like your idea about new weapon and gamemode :slight_smile:

Lol why? It looked like fusion of star trek and star wars only because IA had no idea what to add + everyone loves sending to popular franchises. IA even wrote about it in first “plan updates”: They will not accept anything like “add X-fly in shop” because this will cause troubles with copyrights.

Btw new gamemode sounds like hell for mobile players and those who play with keyboard/gamepad.


You’re right. Everyone loves sending to popular franchises. Proton gun is a reference to ghostbusters movie.
About gamemode… well this game rn is really easy, so I decided to make this gamemode a little bit claustrophobic by giving a player less space to move with each wave. Sometimes, everyone has to pass through hell to achieve something.

True (iſh), but IA has ſaid that it will never be a “ſeriöus” game and has to appeal to the caſuäl gamer- you know, the guy in the cube next door who has nothing better to do than play video games when the boſs iſn’t there. As a reſult, it needs to have the right difficulty for ſomeone who rarely plays.

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You mean the unofficial CI server

then just add skill above SSH for those who dedicated in “challenge” and like having a bad time.

Its the same thing anyway


I forgot to update the description of weapons. I was quite stressed when i uploaded this and tired.
Thanks for reminding and your opinion :wink:

wait a minute
you just copied a @Davoid 's text and added some weird links

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