New weapons! For chicken invaders universs

New weapon:Laser blaster and Berry blaster
Laser blaster shoot hot lasers that hurts chicken:

Laser blaster upgrades

Upgrade 2:shoots two lasers
Upgrade 3 increases fire power
Upgrade 4 now shoots 3 lasers
Upgrade 5 increases the fire power and changes the color of laser to red(weew that’s hot!)
Upgrade 6 hold to shoot laser ray
Upgrade 7 Wooosh now it’s super hot!
Upgrades 8 shoots 5 lasers

Berry blaster upgrades:

Upgrade 2 increase fire rate
Upgrade 3 shoots 2 berries
Upgrade 4 increase fire power
Upgrade 5 increases size of berry (40%)
Upgrade 6 shoots 3 berries
Upgrade 7 shoots 4 berries
Upgrade 8 changes the color of the berries to Red (it means hot)

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What is the difference between your laser and the already existant laser gun?


Oh i thought there was no laser gun there BTW just read my post… Also I have a the new berry blaster

The laser gun in my idea is different it’s colors are blue and it’s looks hot

But functionally is it any different?

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The colors is different

He asked you if the functionality is any different,not just its look.

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Hmm I have a weird feeling that laser blaster already exists in some form. Don’t know how berry blaster looks or fires.

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It fires blue blueberries that is effective against chickens

Being effective against chickens doesn’t really matter.

Oh does it look and shoot like this? :smiley:


Yeah!! tnx 4 adding my idea! That’s it! :smiley::smiley:

He didn’t add your idea. That was a picture of an already existing weapon.


LMAO yeah I just wanted to picture how would it look but now when you see it, it doesn’t act any differently then that weapon.

Please play all episodes before giving idea. Original ideas is needed

I mean that looks like it

It is a blueberry version of that in the picture

Pls draw it for me

So it is just a retextured weapon…

It is a blue plasmas that kills some chickens and it shall be added

Why is it killing chickens so important to you? It’s not.

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Is there currently a weapon that’s good at everything except killing chickens?

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