💡 Triple Boss idea: Spectral Terror, Coward Twins and Super-Slob

Spectral Terror

The boss who is actually a ghost appears in the center of the screen in a toxic energy.

The materialization bar must be full to deal any damage. How to fill it? The boss uses toxic clouds as an attack. Toxic zone appears where the player is, you have a moment to escape, because the toxic cloud appears in the zone literally after a while. You have to avoid this attack until the materialization bar is full.

The materialization bar only lasts until the end of the 2nd attack and then resets. The boss flies to the upper right corner of the screen (it can also be the left one) and tries to follow the line as shown in the picture, returning to the middle. At this point, the bar resets and that’s the fight.

At 90%, the Spectral Terror releases a toxic cloud that grows forever, you have 30 seconds to kill him before it covers the entire screen.

After you destroy him, he gives coins along with 1 atomic powerup.

Coward Twins

Their movement is the same as Show ‘em who’s boss!, but if you go closer to them, they move away from you. When you shoot them they will become colder and aim at you.

Each one destroyed gives 5 legs, 3 twin legs, 1 supersize me, 1 roast and 1 atomic powerup, while the one still alive becomes angry and faster, because you killed it’s sibling.


They are really cowards, but when they work together they are very powerful!
Two Danger Zones and Two Twins. A more purple twin appears on the left and a blue twin on the right.

The purple twin attacks the player with several wastes (the number of wastes depends on the difficulty level), then pauses and repeats the attack. The blue twin attacks randomly like Party Chicken, but also uses a blue energy field. You have to stay away from him, because the field is used from time to time (at a higher difficulty level, he uses the field more often)

When the blue one dies, the purple one goes furious and summons multiple bullets from the sides of the screen in the line where the player is. From now he uses his attacks alternately.

when the purple one dies, the blue one does the same and starts attacking faster, but not summoning bullets from the sides of the screen, only his blue energy field gets bigger.

Each one destroyed gives 5 legs, 3 twin legs, 1 supersize me, 1 roast and either 1 atomic powerup or a gift.


HP: 200000

The boss flies around while shooting waste and fires a spinning laser, which accelerates over time and disappears after 4 seconds. (The laser moves faster on higher difficulties)

Uses laser beam from his eyes, left to right, then right to left, and finally both spreads out on both sides (like king of crabs) while shooting wastes at random directions.

In this attack, he shoots 3 wastes at the same time - right to left then left to right (in higher difficulty it’s faster)

Then he glows and throws keys:

After destroyed, he gives 10 legs, 2 Cheese Burgers, 4 Double Burgers, 2 Triple Burgers, 3 Super Size me, 3 Roasts, 1 atomic power up and 1 gift.

Made by @Darth_Skembesion, @anon51565962


I love the design for some reason :smile:





Is 5 gifts just… too many…?

Iron chef

Egg cannon


Are 5 gifts and 1 atom too much for this boss?

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I think it is a slight exaggeration, in my opinion he should give 1 atom, coins and leave green evil after killing.



Apple Core (with barriers)


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Interesting boss


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That boss is really nice

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Flying Dutchman (chicken edition :wink:)


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I really look forward to this boss coming to the game
I wish there was one more huge boss, for example a space tank


More bosses will appear soon, maybe.

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great boss idea


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