New chicken: Ghost Chicken

We have Chiller, Phoenix, waiting for Blizz, and now, dark matter: The Ghost Chicken

Description: Kind of a chicken, but dark? And why it looks so scary? Is it…a ghost?

Appearance: This guy have black color, and with dark grey flares cover his body (I need to describe cuz dont know how to draw it :sweat: )

Attack: Release and throw out a black ball to your space craft. when it hit you, you will be blinded for 0.5 - 1 second (same as dark missions) then become normal

  • What do you think about this?

Cool idea ,but not all ghosts are scary .
And why the title if topic says new chick : ghost chicken
? It should be new chicken : ghost chicken.

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Oh, my bad. I’ll correct it

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Then what happens if you touch this ball in darkness missions ?

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Maybe in darkness mission, our circles won’t increase its size even shooting like normal
For VF series, nah… Which model hardened against darkness? Then it can’t be blinded, or still blind but shorter duration

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Message iA and tell him to change your username to
VN.Rain AN .

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And he helped me :grin:

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Uh I tried .

This idea reminded me with this .

Toxic Chicken Ghost Idea

I mean isn’t it enough that we have very low vision in darkness missions. now you want it worse?
and this one is garaunteed death at elite missions.

also make a poll about this to see people opinion.

What’s your opinion with this chicken .
  • Good Idea I want it to be in the game
  • Bad idea (reply)

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Hmmmm look this idea be bad because the attack .
Maybe changeing attack of ball to make the player moving dicretions for some seconds is good.
Up to Down .
Down to Up.
Left to Right .
Right to Left .

mfw artificial difficulty

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Yeah I mean the attack will be like other chickens. And it doesn’t force to follow player only ;/

Come on! Did I said that?

No but Word of advice, watch out of the consequences of any idea when it takes place in game.

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IMO when the black ball hits spacecraft, then it should make chickens invisible for darkness missions for short period of time (although in normal missions it will make you blinded (reducing visibility of your spaceship like in darkness missions))

Also it should have +50% chance of appearing on planets further from Sun and -50% chance of appearing on planets closer to the Sun. It should never appear in missions located in Suns.

That’s my feedback :wink:


That’s what I wanted to say, thanks for your description :grin:


You’re welcome :wink:

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