Soap Bubble (original weapon idea)

Appearance and creation: Soap bubble would be the biggest projectile we can achieve in the game. It’s created and supply by our ship’s gun and by player holding the fire button. Created bubble will expand and cover the whole ship as it move as long as they keep the fire button. If they only click fire button they will get a small size bubble that is big enough to cover the ship before floating up, so that player can’t spam bubble by clicking. After released it would start floating up slowly with a constant speed. Player can enter the bubble and continue to supply gas to it. The longer of the supply the bigger the bubble. Bubbles have size limit, and we can’t create a new bubble inside another bubble nor explode max sized bubble by trying to supply it. It’s size limit is half of a normal screen (like in the image above). Beautiful rainbow curves rotate over time in the bubble surface, but should not create any visual impairment as bubbles are transparent. Two jointed bubbles can merge into one big one if the new size is accepted.

Behavior: Bubbles explode upon contact with matter except collectible things and they absorb energy waves except lasers. That means they would explode when in contact with: all type of enemy, eggs, waste, enemy’s bubble, falling UFO, toxic gas, feather, sun, barrier, dimensional tunnel, knife, etc, … and they absorb all energy bullets, and laser would not break them or got absorbed by them. Bubble would have a “water drop”-like effect when it absorb an energy bullet or in contact will a laser line, imagine an energy barrier in movies. When broke bubble makes an AOE damage that is double its radius, gives constant normal damage that based on level. It’s weapon group is special.

Effectiveness and strategy: The third AOE weapon in the game (biggest aoe), second slow firerate weapon, first defense-based weapon, third slow projectile weapon (slowest projectile), second behind-shooting weapon (360 degree). It’s an un-serious kind of weapon, noob-friendly, beautiful and fun to play. It’s highly effective to large groups, chickenaut and the friends, weak to fast moving, single enemy setup, very weak to toxic chicken, UFO, machine gun chick, tight waves and all bosses. We could prepare a giant bubble before each wave and get early advance. The ability to absorb bullet cover out it’s many weaknesses. The firing strategy for bosses is creating many small bubbles to deal max damage.


cool idea but can you show us some pics or more detail like: how is it like? what will happen? or sth like that.

This is similar but ok

Bubble Splash.

It was even older than that. That is the first one and it was even liked by IA:


Maybe it works differently, but I prefer IceIris’ idea for bubble weapon.

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