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I figured I’d make my own topic for some of my main ideas. (By the way, big heartfelt thanks to @EmeraldBirb for helping with putting example images and .gifs together for the weapon/enemy ideas.)

[Weapon] Snowflake Flurry [Might need a new design]

This weapon idea is my first, named Snowflake Flurry, which fires a spray of snowflake-shaped cryogenic crystals that can slow enemies down a bit the more they get hit by it. Unlike weapons already included in CiU, this would be the first weapon of its kind adding a new Weapon Group type: The Cold Weapon group, since it’s a cold weapon, it overheats rather slowly. At 0 firepower, it has a firerate of ~5/second. Each snowflake projectile is low-mediocre damaging, increased firepower only increasing the amount of snowflakes fired instead of damage, as well as the slowness effect on enemies. It would be more effective to use automatic fire with this weapon instead of manual fire since more snowflakes would be fired. Its gift box would be cyan with a white ribbon.
Snowflake Flurry
Snowflake Flurry (:zap:0)
Snowflake Flurry Gift
Snowflake Flurry
Snowflake Flurry at :zap:20, as it could look like in-game.

[Weapon] Burst Bubble

This weapon is my second idea, which is called Burst Bubble. It fires a large bubble that deals mediocre damage on its first contact with an enemy, after which it splits into 2 smaller bubbles that deal less damage. This is an Organic weapon, with a slow-moderate overheat rate. At 0 firepower, it has a firerate of 0.5 (1 bubble/2 seconds). Increased firepower increases the bubble’s damage, with firerate becoming faster at 5 firepower, 10 firepower and 20 firepower with 1 bubble per second, 2 bubbles/second and 4 bubbles/second respectively and smaller bubbles get affected too (4 small bubbles at :zap:5, 6 at :zap:10 and 8 at :zap:20). Manual fire might be a better choice here. Its gift box would be dark blue with a light gray ribbon.
Burst Bubble
Burst Bubble (:zap:0)
Burst Bubble Gift
Burst Bubble
Burst Bubble at :zap:5, as it could look like in-game

[Enemy] Medal Chicken

What if Chickens had their own headquarters…?
This is my first enemy idea, the Medal Chicken. Medal Chickens would be similar to Ordinary Chickens, except they show up on rare occasions (replacing a random enemy), drop 3 keys, and also drop their medal on death. Don’t try to pick that one up though, the Medal Chicken’s medals are supposed to be deadly. Their medals can also block off your projectiles and can’t be destroyed.

[Missions] Feather Fields + A few general suggestions

Now these ideas are more of general suggestions given existing game content from the Episodes, however, where are the Feather Fields? I miss those from Ci4. Now, while a new boss for those type of missions would be nice and all, I was wondering about something not just with Feather Field missions, but also Comet Chase, Supernova Debris and Meteor Storm missions. The new bosses are nice, but why not reminisce about the legacy battles too? Similarly to how the 120th Anniversary Crazy Squawker boss was added to Squawk Block missions, how about the possibility of encountering Mysterious Ship, Apple Core, All types of U.C.O.'s and Twice Infinity (eventually, when Feather Fields get added) on Comet Chase, Supernova, Meteor Storm and Feather Field (eventually) missions respectively?


Love both those weapon ideas - we need some sort of ice weapon in CI already.


Love all of your ideas, some of my suggestions:

  1. Slowing down affects movement speed, firing rate and projectile speed of target’s weapon. Each arm (of boss who has hands ex. U.C.O. Crabs, Iron Chef, Yolk Star) only affected individually, not all of them.
  2. I think the Snowflake’s gift looks too similar to Lightning Fryer’s (maybe just me, but it’s hard for me to distinguish)
  3. Smaller bubble spawn could progress along with firepower progression, from 2 at firepower 0, to 6 (maybe?) at max power.

I like those suggestions, you put a lot of effort into it, good job!

this is so well made

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I can already tell that you put in a lot of effort into these ideas. It’s leagues better than 95% of the ideas that have been posted recently.

The snowflake flurry has a really cool concept that has actual practical use in intercepting fast moving chickens in waves like High Speed Chase or Four Lane Merge.

The burst bubble is less convincing to me. I don’t exactly know the firerate of the bubbles but if it’s only 2 bubbles per second at level 10, which is the power level that the majority of players will be in during most missions, then it’s far too slow to properly intercept chickens even with the fragmentation mechanic.

For the medal chicken, I always wanted a rare enemy that had lots of reward, so it’s nice to see it being suggested. A few questions though, are the medals destructible or invincible? What would their hp be if they’re destructible?

I like the fourth idea as well. Although I feel that the Henley’s comet and the Master Squacker are somewhat underwhelming, Bossa Nova and Magnetic Manipulator are cool bosses imo. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have more variety in bosses so that farming keys is slightly more fun.

Overall, a great list of ideas. I genuinely hope that the snowflake flurry gets added into CIU, it’s a unique weapon with an understandable purpose. I also have to credit Emerald for the example gifs and pictures, he really brought life to these ideas and increased the quality of the post even more. Keep this up! :+1:

Thank you! And thanks for the feedback too. I’d like to clear up a few things here:

Slowing down affects movement speed, firing rate and projectile speed of target’s weapon. Each arm (of boss who has hands ex. U.C.O. Crabs, Iron Chef, Yolk Star) only affected individually, not all of them.

I mainly thought that would be common logic at this point, I think iA would think of making it work like this when I mentioned that effect, though I also think at least Alien Mothership might need an overall slow effect since it works overly different from other bosses.

I think the Snowflake’s gift looks too similar to Lightning Fryer’s (maybe just me, but it’s hard for me to distinguish)

As I said, the weapon’s design might need improvements when iA decides to add it, the weapon’s gift can be counted for that too. However, because of its rather complex properties and requirement of a new Weapon Group, I don’t think we’ll see this one added soon, at least not before Burst Bubble, that is.

Smaller bubble spawn could progress along with firepower progression, from 2 at firepower 0, to 6 (maybe?) at max power.

I have to say this never really crossed my mind until now, so I went ahead and edited the post to that effect as I think it might work better this way. I mainly wanted to give Burst Bubble a slow firerate so that it doesn’t really become the next “easily spammable OP weapon” with its splitting ability, so I think this effect may be a nice addition to avoid unnecessarily increasing firerate.


Probably because, for someone new to Chicken Invaders, some of them might not make much sense without the context of the original episodes - for example, why would U.C.O. No.4 be in meteor storm when the other three aren’t?
I am not at all against the idea, but I think that there should in that case be at least a small pool of potential bosses. Certainly only having one boss per category at the moment gets repetitive when you play a few so I’d like to see some diversity - but it shouldn’t feel arbitrary to new players, either.
That said, I agree that Shoot the Core should definitely be a supernova boss rather than a standard wave boss - it’s kind of a weird one to make a “normal” boss fight, except of course in a boss rush, where anything goes.

Also, along the lines of adding Feather Fields - I don’t hear the “Popcorn” wave get mentioned too often (probably because it’s kind of a weird one - giant corn cobs) but for the sake of continuity and completeness I’d also like to see those pop up (pun not intended) around stars and “inferno” planets (in addition to the feather fields getting implemented, of course. The original game mentioned “Yolkon 7” [I think] - imagine if the feather missions took place on giant, egg-shaped chicken planets on the open map! Or just random clusters of floating feathers because why not.).


It look interesting.

I’d like to credit you for making the necessary adjustments to your post in order to help clear out confusion. It further increases the quality of the post

Just pointing out a typo.

Could it be adjusted if all possible types of U.C.O.'s would be encountered, maybe?


you put some effort on this, good job, keep up the good work! :+1:

I’d be on board with that.

the Burst Bubble will be better if it can charge and make bigger bubble, when split it make more small bubble
And how can you make these gif images?

I don’t precisely know but, emerald does know how to extract the game files and textures, He used the bubble texture and turned them into gifs using a photo editing program.

While I can see what you meant by that, I’m afraid this kills the weapon’s main idea. It’s not meant to be a charged weapon, even though that could and would effectively give it slower firerate, that’s not what the intention with this weapon was. The main intention was to make it a relatively simple usage (but slow) weapon, instead of, let’s say, Absolver Beam. I believe there’s also quite a number of charged weapon suggestions out there already, so I don’t really want to add more to that.


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