Selling items to other players

I’m fairly new to the forum (joined this February) so I have absolutely no idea if someone else has already suggested this (topic similarity detection could not get the exact same idea), but here goes nothing! Make sure to read through everything before leaving your opinions down there.

Selling items to other players who may need them


This idea is kinda similar to In-game trading but there is actually a difference: One player offers to sell their selected item for certain amount of keys instead of two players trading items of similar value.


  • Players must be at least Tier 60 to be able to buy from other players and Tier 80 to be able to sell to other players.
  • The buyer must be close enough to the seller (Works similarly to when you’re trying to catch a wandering shady dealer to buy stuff from them).


  • Only Heroware items (e.g. Heatsinks, Thrusters, Weapons, etc.) are allowed to become an offer.
  • When you’re able to make an offer, head over to your inventory, select an item and choose “Make Offer” (click, then click again to confirm).
  • When you spot someone giving out an offer, dock somewhere close to them (or follow their path if they have recently flown to a star system without docking), select their flagship and choose “View Offer”.
  • Pricing: Items have a percentage discount based on hours of possession from the seller, starting at 5% and adding 1% every hour, up to 35% (discount is applied to the price the seller spent on that particular item).
  • Due to pricing exploitation potential this feature would have it if ever comes to the game, players are limited to making one offer per week, but note that the cooldown only starts as soon as the previous item is sold (the “Make Offer” button will be greyed out, clicking on it shows one of the following warnings: “You have already set an item as an offer.”, “Try again after X days.”).

Image concepts (demonstration purpose only):

Imagine using another language in-game while making concepts in English: thisisfine

Creating an Offer (the 3-dot button switches between “Upgrade” and “Make Offer”):

HeroCam™️ with an available Offer:

“View Offer” screen (actual price is different):

Spotting a star system hosting offers (only visible in explored star systems, within your constellation):


This feature would help a lot for people who are trying to buy certain items with rarity but don’t have sufficient keys to travel to that one Heroware in a distant star system just to buy them, while also giving them the opportunity to grab some pre-upgraded weapons for a slightly smaller total price.

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There are few, dating as far as 2019.


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