Looking for ideas about Squadrons

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Did you read his poſt?
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Didn’t read enough apparently (post deleted)

Squadron leaderboards: how many points can a whole squadron get in 1 week? You can see a live leaderboard (updates like once every hour) and you can get keys as a reward.

Maybe a direct battle between two squadrons over 1 day? Also goes after points

Of course, kicking and banning members

A description/motd for squadrons

If it hasn’t been mentioned yet, a squadron chat

The last two were in fact already suggested

Yay, squadrons! I had many plans for them when the first version came out, so maybe soon I can bring them into fruition. Below are my ideas (sorry if repetitive, haven’t read many of the previous replies):

  • All leaderboards available as of now, but with added up points of squadrons and their comparison
  • An icon/avatar for your squadron, either from a database of pre-made ones or being able to choose your own
  • A special, huge and super-strong boss with an unimaginable amount of HP (10 million? 50 million?) that you could take on together with your whole squadron. Only one player can fight at a time (maybe only for a limited time or after they lose their only life), and the game takes account of how much HP he/she took from the boss, and so it could be defeated, or at least greatly damaged, in a day or so, with great rewards.
  • Separate chat rooms for squadrons
  • Besides the owner, being able to make 1 or 2 of your clanmates moderators, depending on the number of players in your squadron.
  • Being able to kick or ban a player from the squadron
  • Being able to transfer your ownership into another member
  • Competition within the squadron itself, with daily/weekly results
  • being able to transfer values - e.g. Keys, Weapons, Lives, etc. - to your clanmates (Medal of Kindness?)

I was thinking about this idea of ​​squadrons, if then maybe a member decides to face that mission there will also be a chance to watch him while he plays?
sorry for the bad English…

That’s been ſuggeſted, but would be hard to do.

Non te preoccupà; semo in pochi le madrilingue su sto sito.

Idea for squadrons: Paintcode - share your spaceship look
This above, but also with a new button “copy look”. If someone decides to join the squadron they would see a new button labeled “copy look” which would apply all of the details to his/her spaceship so they can look the same and everyone will know that they are in gan… squadron together.

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Shared Inventory Space: Special projectiles, damage boosters, and other items can be shared between the squadron. When you fly a mission you are assigned to, you will be able to use that squadron’s inventory ‘trunk’. Once items are put into the squadron trunk, they cannot be taken out. Permanent upgrades like weapons and turrets cannot be put into the squadron trunk. All members can put items into the trunk, and the trunk will have an item limit dependent on how many members the squadron has.

Tierwall: Being able to use squadrons should also be locked behind some sort of tier wall (maybe tier 8 or 10 would be good). This would prevent inexperienced players from being in squadrons or from being ‘carried’ by higher ranking players.

Squad Logs: Be able to see what members of your squadron are doing, where they are, what items they take out of the trunk to use, what missions they complete, etc. Certain notifications from the logs can be enabled and disabled depending on what you want to see, and certain members can also be muted from your logs.

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It doeſn’t take long to get to tier 99, ſo at moſt it would ſtop players from joining ſquadrons immediätely.

I like the idea of the communal trunk, except for one thing: what’s to encourage people to put ſtuff in the trunk in the firſt place? I ſuppoſe it ſhares the major flaw that is preſent in pretty much all forms of communiſm.

High tier doesn’t mean anything. There can be tier 1 player who can go weekly challenge without deaths on SSH and there can be tier 99 player with moron railgun and 10% victory ratio.

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As a leader of a squadron/member

  • being able to recive/send daily gifts

  • daily chaellenges only for the members of the squadrons

  • competition/rewards … most damage most waves flown most boss kill

someone say’s somethink like that transfer values ownership… I don’t like the idea I think that some little randomly daily gifts from the members is more than enough


Group events.
• Creator/Admin/Authorized person can make galactic calendar note (3019 instead of 2019 like messages). He selects: date of event, how many days before the event should be warned1, title(short description), full description, maybe one of 9 different icons to show what kind of event it is.
• Every member of squadron will get a reminder message every day during last ???1 days.
• You can’t select more than week for reminder1, you can’t make more than 3 events in time (can help to reduce server side problems).
• If there are several reminder messages from different events in time, they combine in one message or look like this:

‽ events will happen soon ↓|

[Title 1] Messages list appears

[Title ???]


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A squadron weekly challenge.
Same difficulty and length as daily challenge,squadon with highest cumulative score gets keys.

@Enhawk Try to read more carefully.

3,5 years later I’ve finally fixed a typo ,_ ,

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