Player (Custom) Store

There has been quite a few players suggest some kind of trading keys for items between squadrons or contacts. However I’m suggesting a custom shop instead, where you can put in items you no longer need and sell to other players that need it. This helps other players potentially buy items for a cheaper price, as well as you gaining a higher amount of keys compared to selling normally.


  • Sellers can choose items from their bag to put in the Player Store and choose a key cost for it. Unlike other regional shops you have known, once another player buys your item, it is theirs to keep and the item will be gone in your bag (meaning that only one player may buy a particular item that you offer to sell).

  • Players travel around the galaxy, if they check a player parked nearby, they will see another button called “Player Store” located next to the “Contact” button. They spend their own keys to buy items that the selling player offers.

DETAILS (Sellers)

From this point, when I say “sell”, it actually means to put an item in your Player Store. Your store will have a limited number of slots that you can put in, depending on your tier.

  • To start “custom selling” an item, you have to click on that item in your bag, on the right side of the screen. There would be a button next to the normal “Sell x 10 for :key: 20” button (I’m using Extra Lives as an example), it is called “Custom Sell x 10”.

  • You will then be required to set up a custom key cost, the strict limit is 1 key to 10,000 keys. Type in the value using your keyboard, the screen will show some values:

    • Key cost (for other players) is what you typed in.
    • Tax is fixed, depending on your tier (see table below). I’m using tier 36-44 as an example, which is 20% tax.
    • Tax means that you will receive 20% less keys than what the other player has to spend to buy the item.
    • Time limit, also depends on your tier (see table below). For tier 36-44 the time limit is 12 hours. If time runs out and no one buys the item, it is automatically returned to your bag.

  • To see the items in your Player Store, there will be an extra button on your galaxy screen to do so, or click on your own spacecraft and click on the “Player Store” button.

  • You will be allowed to see:

    1. What items you have put in (also shown to other players)
    2. Time remaining for each item (when time runs out, that item is automatically returned to your bag) (also shown to other players)
    3. Key cost for each item (also shown to other players).
    4. On the right column are some stats: Tier, slots used, maximum slots, time limit, taxes applied, max level, max rarity. Tier determines the quality of all other stats in your Player Store (not shown to other players) (see table below).
    5. When you click on an item on the left, you will see two buttons (not shown for other players):
    • “Receive :key:32” (or whatever amount of keys you gain after taxes). This button is greyed out (you can still see what you will rececive for a successful exchange) until someone buys this item. You have to click on it twice to confirm and you will receive keys, and then this item will disappear permanently, as another player has bought it.
    • “Return to Bag”: During the time limit (depending on your tier) and before anyone decides to buy this item, you can click on this button twice to immediately return it to your bag without gaining or losing anything. If someone else has already bought the item you offer, this button is greyed out and you only have the option to receive keys (see above). Again, if time expires the item is automatically returned to your bag.

[EDIT:] I made a mistake in the picture I drew above. I accidentally calculate the keys earned by using the “Extra Lives” example (sell: 35 keys, gain: 32 keys, tax: 8%), while for the Dimensional Phase-outs x9 it is supposed to be sell: 20 keys, gain: 18 keys, tax: 8%.

You can sell a limited number of slots at a time, ranging from 1 to 12 depending on your tier. For each slot, you may only sell one type of item, with the quantity matches with the Galactic Store. You are allowed to have multiple slots containing the same item(s).

  • Backgrounds, Music: 1 unit per slot.
  • Hardpoints: 1 unit per slot.
  • Satellites: 1 unit per slot.
  • Mountable, Perishables, Special weapons: For each slot, you must put in exactly one full pack as you bought in the normal store (examples: Extra Lives x10, Missiles x9, Dimensional Phase-outs x9, etc.)
  • Weapons: 1 unit per slot. You can sell upgraded weapons only if you have reached the requirement tier in the table below.
  • Spacecrafts: 1 unit per slot. However, you can only sell Common spacecrafts until reaching tier 45, and can only start selling Legendary spacecrafts when you reach tier 99 (see table below).
  • Engines, Heat sinks, Reactors: 1 unit per slot. For these items, both the “upgraded item” and “item rarity” rules above are applied: you can only sell upgraded and rarer items if you meet both of the tier requirements based on the table below. Unlike weapons, they are maxed at level 3, so you need tier 54 to sell these max upgraded items.
Tier Maximum slots Time limit Taxes Bonus effects
1 1 1 hour 30%
9 2 3 hours 27%
18 3 6 hours 25%
27 4 9 hours 22%
36 5 12 hours 20% Allows selling level 1 items
45 6 15 hours 17% Allows selling level 2 items, Uncommon items
54 7 18 hours 15% Allows selling level 3 items
63 8 21 hours 12% Allows selling level 4 items
72 9 24 hours 10% Allows selling level 5 items, Rare items
81 10 36 hours 8% Allows selling level 6 items
90 11 48 hours 5% Allows selling level 7 items
99 12 Permanent 0% Allows selling level 8 items, Legendary items

You cannot sell the following due to their importance in-game:

  • Always On
  • Fuel and food
  • Insights
  • License
  • Skills
  • Paint your spacecraft
  • Your own callsign
  • Selling an upgraded item without reaching the required tier (see above).
  • Selling a rarer item without reaching the required tier (see above).
  • Attempt to sell a last unit of your spacecraft parts (also applied to the current system).

DETAILS (buyers)

There’s not much to say about this, because players who access another player’s store will not know details about that player’s selling statistics. They will only see the items on offer, the time remaining and the key cost for each item.

If you buy an upgradable item (Weapons, Spacecrafts, Heat sinks, Engines, Reactors), you can continue upgrading it with the normal cost based on the rarity of that item. The upgrade cost at this point will be independent of the price you have paid in that Player Store.

If you buy an item from a Player Store and than sell it using the normal selling option (not in your Player Store), you will receive the same amount of keys as if you sell the item in the Galactic Store, independent of the price you have paid in that Player Store.

How another player sees my store:

How I see my store (I put it here again for comparison):

Again, I made a mistake in the picture above. I accidentally calculate the keys earned by using the “Extra Lives” example (sell: 35 keys, gain: 32 keys, tax: 8%), while for the Dimensional Phase-outs x9 it is supposed to be sell: 20 keys, gain: 18 keys, tax: 8%.


This is extremely well made!
Like seriously.
However… why? What’s the point of selling if the gain is so marginal, and having not useful items is not a common problem? If you aren’t using an item, you most likely will just wait to use it on a hard mission. If you have an old weapon to sell to get a good one… that is like one reason to sell. And to get a new ship while selling the old one. Is that worth implementing a whole trading system? All it will do is make people donate items for extremely low prices.



I don’t what else to say, but taxation is a complicated topic. On the idea you said, I assume that it is a sales tax. Such tax should be at the same rate, right? Unless you’re on a different situs.

I created this as a way to sell items for a price of higher than selling normally (selling normally would only return 20-30% of your keys). However, you will need to make the price lower than in Galactic Store so someone will actually buy it. I think the taxes in the table above should be decreased or removed entirely so that you would profit from it.

Regardless, I do agree that players will not even use this selling system that often. So I would allow players to sell upgraded and rarer items when they reach a certain tier (this makes the tier system more useful). There is a chance someone will buy a Legendary level 3 spacecraft part for 5000 keys, in return they don’t have to waste fuel to travel around the galaxy. (If they got lucky and are near to that player. I wouldn’t recommend traveling just to find players with Legendaries.)


Maybe in a regional store where the price fluctuation is low,which results in lower sell prices. But if you find a store with a high sell price,it’s possible to get back nearly as much as you paid for in a low price store. So I don’t really think that using this trading system would be more worth it than just selling the item normally.(especially not with tiers lower than 99 thanks to taxes). Selling the legendary equipment the way you said might be fine,though

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