Idea: In-game trading

So, basicaly:

  • You need a registered e-mail to trade.
  • You can trade ONLY buyable and sellable items.
  • Keys, fuel and food can’t be traded directly, no matter what.
  • You can see what the other side offers, and both need to accept in order to trade.
  • This will be probably CHL exlusive.
  • Trading only with contacts, squadron members or with everyone (with a turn-offable notification)?
  • Only squadrons.
  • Only contacts.
  • Both squadrons, and contacts.
  • Something else (in replies).

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I can see why this MAY not work, but it is still a good idea, in my opinion.

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Is really like roblox trading

What about trading spacecraft

  1. You can choose all the options you want on the poll. Might want to fix that
  2. No option to disagree
  3. In general, the idea has been suggested many times and it gets insufficient support every time because it’s not very useful. All items are available in the galactic store, and you definitely shouldn’t expect people to trade legendary items, so yeah…I don’t think this is a very practical idea.

Oh, sorry.

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