Upon entering prestige,you will have the followong thing…
-Each prestige will add you 10% more exp and keys (Based on scores)
-You’ll able to choose a weapon to make them gold. Gold weapons act similiar to regular one execpt it deal double damage permanent and at 20 firepower it will shine gold and deal quadrulpe damage instead
-You’re able to enter prestige missions.Prestige missiong is highlighted in gold and they act similiar to 100 wave. Except you’ll facing the chicken and special chicken more frequently and bosses will be more deadlier.
-And you’ll able to sell burgers for keys at x2 price.(e.g) 1 burger will give you 2 keys.
-You will start with 40 lv lower than your current lv.Each prestige you will have access to high lv missions and when you complete it,it will be on your favorite list and you can replay it again
-Chickens will always be special chicken whatsover
-Bosses will perform attack fast enough to fool your vision
-Missions that are prestige are legend difficultily.Legend difficultily will give you lots of keys but they only give you a single life and a single satellite.
So what is my idea goes.Pls tell me about your comments
(Ps.You can prestige any lv that are not lower than lv 60)

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Oh, is this that mechanic some multiplayer/mobile games have been doing where you reset, like, all your progress to get a little icon next to your name???

I’m truly sorry to be so negative, but please, please don’t add that.


Super hard missions needs high tier rank but if your rank was reset, then you can’t do ANY of them


It shouldn’t apply to challenge missions


Thanks. I’ve got flashbacks from all the idle clicker games that I played (cookie clicker was fun though)


no plz


For those who afraid of losing access to high level missions.No it wouldn’t.They will be prestige too.For example: If you’re lv 60 and you prestige.You will start with 40 lv downwards.Which mean that You’ll start with lv20 and a prestige ranks

Changes could depends on IA

Honestly, that’s doesn’t have sense, only decrece 20- of rank, if the player have rank 99, That is 79 the player can follow prestige…

I said…you will have 40 lv lower than your current lv

no, just no


No, god, NO plz


Lol, You are going to turn this game into idle game with that terrible grinding feature, no way! :joy: :joy:

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